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“Teach us to count our days so that we may have a heart of wisdom” – Psalm 90:12 (NLT).

You did not come into this world by chance, even if you have been told so all your life. You did not suddenly appear on earth and there was an urgent heavenly encounter asking how your existence came about!

Your life is precious

It’s planned for you

  • Long before the foundations of the world were laid, God knew exactly when you came into this world. He had everything planned. When he created the world, he had you in mind as he was preparing for you to come.

He is infinitely interested

  • He numbered the hair on your head. In other words, every strand of hair was coded because of his great love for us. If a strand fell from your head, he knew about it and had a record of it. It shows that God was interested in the least important things about us.

You have it in you

  • He also knew what you would do in the world. And he has loaded you with gifts and skills to attain them. His plans for you are foolproof and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Rely on Him

  • He also knew you were going to face challenges and trials, but he knew they wouldn’t swallow you because he made sure there wasn’t any temptation that you couldn’t stand. He put trust in your mind. He knew that you would rely on him because his desires for you were out of this world and that you would have to rely on him to achieve them.

Enjoy life now

  • He gave his Son to us because he wanted you to be saved so that not only can you spend eternity with him, but also enjoy the benefits here on earth.

The thoughts God thinks of you are more numerous than the sand on the coast. Can you imagine him thinking of you more than you can imagine? He wants you to live out your days and not shorten them. He doesn’t want any surprises about early arrivals in heaven.

Don’t let circumstances convince you to end your precious life. God has put something inside you that only you can and will ever do in the universe, even if you are having a hard time believing it at the moment. Because of this, everyone has a unique DNA and no one before or after you will have the same coding … ever.
You are god’s dream. Do not end the dream. Live the dream, live your life.

Thought for the day

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I have no more talent and could say:” I have used everything you gave me “- Erma Bombeck

Adapted from “Despite mental illness: A 31-day prayer”

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