You don’t wanna save the world? Where the f**k else you gonna live?

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There is no mistaking, we are the dominant force on this planet, in fact I would say in this universe but that is for another post.

Of the millions of species to inhabit this Earth it is the human race that reigns supreme.

We are not the strongest physically, or fastest, or the most agile, we cannot breathe under water but we have one thing that sets us apart from all other species, one thing that has ensured our survival, our domination..

The Human Brain.

Through evolution mankind developed consciousness, through inquisitiveness mankind grew in intelligence and with intelligence combined with the dexterous capacity and nature of our hands so much can be and has been accomplished.

Mankind has many qualities that other species do not have, one of those is ambition

It is ambition that has driven mankind to where we are now, it is ambition that has provided us with so many great achievements, indeed it is ambition that has led us into so many conflicts and wars.

Mankind has progressed and multiplied, there are more people alive today than there has ever been in human history combined and this is a result of our ambition and we have developed and transformed our environment to cope with the dramatic increase in population.

The industrial revolution, born in the UK has revolutionised and transformed the world in so many ways, so many benefits that we all have embraced and it has changed lives, mainly for the better.

However, it is in recent times we find there may be an almighty price to pay for our industriousness


The noise from climate change protesters gets ever louder and more and more people are waking up to the possibility that we heading for calamity.

More and more are listening to the warnings from scientists that we must change our ways, that through our joint endeavours we are heating the atmosphere and because of this we are enforcing an unnatural change of climate of this planet.

We are a powerful and intelligent race of men and women but the most powerful force of all is Mother Nature.

It is Mother Nature who ultimately decides whether or not we survive and we are not yet clever or resourceful enough to test or to defeat her.

The weather, always a source of amusing conversation in the UK is Mother Nature’s way of reminding us that with her will she has power to bear and that power could in fact destroy us all.

Can we really all turn out the lights and go back to live in caves?

The eco warriors amongst us want us to throw away all the advancements we have made, ditch all technology and industry and live, well.. a simpler life.

I cannot say it is not possible but certainly it really is not practical.

There is just too many of us.

Anarchy, death, famine and destruction would be the result.

However, the alternative could be a whole lot worse.

What will be the outcome?

I believe as the noise for reform gets louder, the pressure from the people will be made to bear, it is the people when they come together that really hold the power in our democratic societies.

Those who reside in power, the politicians are beginning to take heed and we are trying to clean up our act, changes are being made but the question is..

Will they come in time?

Ultimately it is that one marriage made in heaven that will decide the fate of mankind..

Mother Nature and Father Time.

A marriage

that no man can divide.

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