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In the past and even today, windows are used to provide light, give occupants a good view of the outside and bring in fresh air to the building. As such windows ought to be well-sealed and mechanically ventilated to serve all these mentioned purposes.

However, time is drifting very fast and nowadays windows perform more functions than what they used to. For instance, when doing window replacement, most homeowners prefer windows that are soundproof to contribute to the satisfaction and health of the occupants.

Building standards for a window replacement have been put in place to ensure that windows provide natural ventilation and light to the building. Besides NorthTech windows and doors are supposed to serve as a safe in case a fire breaks out. They should do so easily and without injuring occupants.

1. Who needs Building Standards Approval?

In a case where one is doing a window replacement, there is no need for building standards approval. However, these rules will apply if the unit being returned is not of the same kind as the old one. This new window should meet the building standard rules. If the new replacement window is of the same style as the old window, the contractor should be careful enough when doing the replacement to make sure that the new window meets the set standards.

2. Requirements for a Replacement Window

(i) Safety

  • If your opening is 4 meters above the ground, you should clean both sides of the window panes from the inside without using a step ladder.
  • The building standards require that unlocking a window below 800mm from the ground should be protected by a bar to reduce accidents. This also applies to the glasses that are built to prevent falls from the window and balcony. However, they vary with their height from the floor. Ensure you consult the contractor to avoid inconveniences.
  • During window replacement, all window vents should be put considering the public’s safety, and no opening projection should be a threat. Window openings cause danger by hitting people’s heads as they pass, especially if the windows are installed in a place where they are not visible.

(ii) Ventilation

During construction, make sure that all the opening areas of your windows are more than 1/30 of the room flooring. If you want a trickle ventilator, you can include it in the window mount.

However, based on the room type, the ventilator can have measurements ranging from 4,000 square millimeters to about 8,000square millimeters. This is the minimum range.

However, this is applicable where the total average of the room size is 6,000m2. The other segments of the window should be more than 1.75 meters above the floor. Failing to achieve these will mean that you have not fulfilled the building directives.

(iii) Emergency windows

All the buildings should have an emergency window where building occupants can escape unharmed and leave the building in case of an accident like fire. In a case where there is only one way out from the building, like other windows and additional doors, these elements should be less than 4.5 meters from the ground level. The windows should measure a height of 850mm and a width of 500mm, and the exit should be unobstructed. In the interior rooms, an emergency window should also be installed, as long as there is no other exit.

(iv) Natural lighting

One of the primary purposes of a window is to let in natural light. Every homeowner should keep that in mind during window replacement. The building laid down rules requires the area of a window to be more than 1/15 of the whole floor. Some rooms have outer varnish doors. In this case, the glazing should be included to meet the requirements.

It is essential to inform the windows’ installer to follow the building regulations before starting window replacement in your home. If they are not aware of these rules, it is better to look for another window installer. Also, being spared from building control approval does not mean that you have been exempted from other assets.


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