Why Each Zodiac Sign Wants To Discover True Love

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You’re sick of people leaving. You want someone who stays.


You feel like no one understands you. You just want someone on your side.


You feel incomplete and are hoping the right person will be a stepping stone to making you feel whole.


You grew up surrounded by love and you miss that feeling. You want it back.


You realize how much you have to offer. You want to share your kind heart with someone.

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You’ve been bored. You want a reason to get excited again.


You’re sick of being alone. You want a teammate to navigate the future alongside.


You’re feeling restless. You want someone to help you settle down and enjoy the present.


You’re missing your ex. You want a replacement.


You miss feeling electricity. You miss feeling butterflies. You miss feeling alive.


You’re feeling rather alone lately. You want someone you feel comfortable around to enter your world.


You’re in love with the idea of love. You can’t wait to find someone to kiss and cuddle. TC mark

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