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I’ll be honest – these next few months are one of my favorite times of the year. Although winter time can be difficult for many reasons, I separate the holiday season from the negative thoughts I struggle with during the winter months. For me, the vacation aspect of the next few months is a lot about gratitude, gratitude and reflection. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to share something that I am very grateful for this year. This was the opportunity to learn new techniques to manage my mental health problems. Here’s a bit of what I learned!

There are two things that I am very grateful for this year when it comes to my sanity. The first thing I am grateful for is finding a therapist who has encouraged me to explore a new type of therapy (ACT therapy that I wrote about earlier on this blog) that will help me with my mental Living health is struggling and being a productive person despite the challenges that arise. Up until this year, my primary experience was cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which I have found unsuccessful. The encouragement to try a new type of therapy is an experience I’ve never had. It has resulted in better therapy sessions than ever before, which has resulted in my learning more about myself and my sanity – a good win Anywhere.

The second thing I am grateful for when it comes to my sanity is renewed success with meditation. With the encouragement of a very good person in my life, I have worked to meditate to re-center myself and find peace at different moments of the day. I tried to meditate for years and it usually ended up feeling more tense than when I started. Timing is everything when it comes to implementing mental health treatment techniques – what might work at one point in your life may not work in another area, and vice versa. I am glad that I was able to use this technique again and let it work for me.

One thing I keep thinking about this time of year is how difficult it can be for a person to remain positive, or how to react when someone says they are just grateful for what we have. There is a complicated relationship with gratitude in the mental health community, and it can shine through on Thanksgiving as it does on any other holiday. Therefore, it is important to recognize and capture that moment when we find that we are grateful for something like mental well-being, personal growth, or learning a new technique for managing our mental health.

Finding things to be grateful for is not always easy – especially when it comes to our sanity. However, I hope that you can see some positive results this holiday season, and I encourage you to look for the good in what you have done this year. That approach has been important to my mental health journey, and even if I fail, trying to see growth does a lot for me – and I hope it does the same for you. Happy Thanksgiving.

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