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W.Has the gift of life wasted more than living as someone else? It’s like trying to put a square pin in a round hole. Oh, someday it’ll work, I guess. But man, ripping and tearing. Are you trying to be someone you are not Well, maybe you need a break …

She ignores who she really is and continues to live her life as “everyone else” to maintain her feelings of low self-esteem and misery.

There is no escape. The elephant doesn’t even fit in the room anymore. Ignorance may be bliss, but it is impossible. No matter how you want to set it up …

It can be really shitty to be alive these days.

They call it: the pandemic, social unrest and violence, bad politics and just “ole go” for the meanness of the throat …

It is the zeitgeist – the zeitgeist. And it is so disappointing.

The fact is, pushing someone over the edge is enough. But my heart goes to those who are struggling with mood and anxiety disorders. I can tell you from the trenches that many are wondering whether life as you know it today is worth living.

And let me tell you something. There are only three possible answers …

  1. Driving life, being yourself and making the necessary adjustments.
  2. At least continue to “live”, but detach from the world.
  3. Finish everything.

Obviously, I have no problem being direct. And you’re kidding if you don’t think this kind of decision-making is happening in millions of souls and minds.

Well, I think # 1 is your best bet. So here is something that can encourage selection.

Are you trying to be someone you are not

Dealing with corona virus

“Why can’t I soak up and do it like everyone else without stress and worry?”

I have learned over the decades that the best first step in solving a mood or anxiety problem is to gain insight.

Come on, there’s just no way to get something done if we don’t know exactly what’s going on – and why. And this is custom work based on how our minds are wired. Yes, how we receive stimuli, interpret them and react to them.

Given the madness of the time, it is not surprising that someone struggling with mood or anxiety disorder puts themselves in a huge state of madness. And of course that can lead to numbers 2 and 3 on our shortlist.

A big contribution to this state of frenzy is what our friend is experiencing above. I mean, there she is with her mask and an angry expression on her face. And she says: “” Why can’t I soak it up and do it without stress and worry like everyone else? “

Sure, she’s upset with her turbulent world. But I say a significant part of her anger is due to her misconception that “everyone else” is going through it, and she is terribly deficient because she can’t.

And what does she end up doing? She ignores who she really is and continues to live her life as “everyone else” to maintain her feelings of low self-esteem and misery.

This is where insight must come into play. Grasping, however, requires a break.

Take this time out

At the moment our friend has to look at our picture and do exactly what the referee signals. Time out!

As she chills as long as it takes, she has to start gathering insights. I would recommend dealing with the reality of how your mind is wired up first. Indeed, she needs to understand how to receive, interpret, and respond to stimuli. In this case, very stressful stimuli.

She has been with her long enough. With a little thought, the truth is revealed.

For example, she might find that we all have different tolerances – I call them “cups” – of different sizes. So you can no longer compare yourself to “everyone else”, since they are not apples to apples. I mean, would it be really fair to criticize yourself knowing that her mug might be half the size of most people she compares to?

Under no circumstance.

One of her goals might be to learn that she can move from self-striking statements to something like “Uh-oh, my mug is getting full”. Looks like I have to pour out a little bit and monitor what comes in for a while. “

I do that several times a day, by the way. You?

During her search for insight, she cannot turn her back on acceptance. She is who and what she is. I mean, there comes a time when the experience of life goes beyond fixation and relies on management and life. She would be amazed at how much pressure it releases.

We all would.

Go forward like yourself

The gift of life is an extraordinary blessing. So why should we want to waste it living as someone else? I mean, why should you be content with constantly ripping and tearing so that square pins can be pushed into round holes?

Let’s just do the best we can when we can handle these crazy times. Can lead to a lot of time-outs, but that’s okay …

We will do it all the better.

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