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“Train your mind the same way athletes train their bodies,” a number of relatives have often told me. True knowledge is demonstrated by your mind. People I’ve been related to in the past refer to when you know you know it.

Train your mind

The heart of an individual, the mind, is a real person. God first created man in his own image and parable. God is the father of all spirits. The real man is therefore from the mind and not from the body. God then shaped man out of dust to have a legal right to the physical world. Therefore your body is your house and you are spirit. Life is from the spirit. When you die, that is, your body dies – your mind leaves this physical world.

Your mind is a treasure shop. The Good Book lets us know that the themes of your life flow from your mind. The saying tells us to protect our minds for this reason. Train your mind so that you can protect it from an overwhelming attack by the senses. When you train your mind, you become stronger in adversity.

The highest potential of man lies in the mind. Creativity, health, prosperity and well-being are really connected to the spirit of everyone who lives in the body. When we are born into this physical world, we try to relate to the physical world and our Creator through our senses. Since we have to train our senses on our environment, we mainly learn our senses

We educate our minds through study and meditation. Just as we nourish our physical bodies through what we eat, we nourish our minds through what we meditate on. Whatever you meditate on, it is what makes up your mind at all times

Paul said study to show approval. The approval comes from your creator, who expects you to determine the course of your life. Each of us is born a perfect person in the spirit. When your mind has been reconciled to your Creator, you must study and meditate on His instructions so that they become your life

In Joshua 1: 8, God instructed Joshua: “This book of the law will not deviate from your mouth, but you should meditate on it day and night so that you can do everything that is written in it.”
It is my responsibility to make my way successful and ensure good success

When these things are in you and abound, they make you …

Peter lists the attributes that we should add to the measure of faith that is stored in our mind when our mind is reborn when it is reconciled with God.

What you don’t have in your mind won’t work for you. When you are pressured by the circumstances, your answer reveals what is in your mind. Train your mind to be the one that dominates your body. If your senses are misinformed, communication from your mind is the only one that can guide you in the right year.

Fasting helps your mind dominate your body. During fasting, it is important to meditate on God’s Word and pray so that your mind is open to guidance for the now!

If your body dominates your mind, you are open to circumstances. Creativity is a reflection of the composition of your mind

It is my responsibility to subject my body to my mind.

God communicates with the human spirit. More on that on another day

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