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We all make mistakes. But how we deal with or see them can make a difference in whether we live in regret, pain, etc., or whether they are instead stepping stones to our progress. We can learn from every mistake.

When we make mistakes

Next time you make a mistake, keep the following in mind:

## 1. We are still ahead of those who didn’t try or tried, no matter how many mistakes we make

As is well known, Thomas Edison is quoted as saying that he did not fail, that he had just discovered other ways.

## 2 If we don’t learn from our mistakes, they become regrets

There are lessons in every mistake. We either learn from them or they turn into painful memories or regrets.

It is so easy to judge others when we never make mistakes. This can lead to arrogance. Mistakes allow us to see from a different perspective.

## 3. Better to make a mistake that makes us humble than to achieve an achievement that makes us proud or arrogant

We learn more from a mistake that humiliates us than from an achievement that arouses arrogance in us through pride.

## 4 We must not cling to a mistake just because we have invested a lot of time, effort and resources into it.

If you are going to Paris and you are on your way to Amsterdam, it would be stupid to stay on the wrong route in the hope that you will somehow get to your destination I am maintaining.

The best thing would be to stop, turn around, and redirect!

## 5. Once we admit our mistakes, we can forgive ourselves

Whether we admit to others (if the mistake concerns them) that we admit ourselves, we will be doing ourselves a massive favor.

The reason we live in regret is because we did not accept our mistakes. Living up to our mistakes takes courage.

We married the wrong person, quit the job and moved to the wrong place. All of these are great life choices.

And if we make mistakes in these areas, it takes courage. And here we have to forgive ourselves and allow the healing to take place.

Otherwise we will just become a bitter person full of regrets.

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