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What is the meaning of Life?

It is one of the oldest questions known to man.

Mankind is an anomaly.

Nature is an anomaly.

Life is an anomaly.

Those that are religious will tell you that it is all gods work, whereas there will be many scientists who will tell you all about evolution and give you cold hard facts.

But still there is the question.


So much in this world, in our lives has an explanation but yet there is so much that is unexplained, that is mysterious, that confounds even the brightest minds.

Some will have theories, opinions, guesses, some will philosophise but the cold hard truth is there are many unanswered questions that will.. probably never be answered.

Frustrating isn’t it?

When you want an answer to something and even google doesn’t know.

Do you believe in Magic?

Personally, I love watching magicians, the way they baffle you, though I do like to watch and work out how they did it and usually I can work it out but still they are very clever and some are so clever I have not worked it out

but it’s all just tricks, clever props, sleight of hand.

Real Magic? Look around you.. It is life.

The wind, the trees, the ocean, the life it contains, the birth of a child and to watch as they grow, it is the beautiful sunrise, the glow and its warmth as it brings new light and inspires new life.

We are linked to nature.. because we are nature, we are part of nature.. life.

Do you watch TV? Movies? Sometimes they inspire you? Sometimes you find yourself repeating what you have seen, or in some way it changes your outlook?

It is the same as reading a book, it is the thoughts and opinions of usually just one person and often that person could be a genius, or just very insightful and you can then learn from them and knowledge as they say, is power.

Star Wars, one of the most popular films of all time. OB One speaks about the ‘Force’ to Luke and Han Solo mocks him.

I don’t believe there is one almighty force controlling everything

Was he right?

Well, it is not yet possible for us to be ‘lifting rocks’ by using the force but the author realised or theorised to the ‘Magic’ of nature the power it holds, the positive vibrations it contains.

If you are ever suffering from poor mental health and we ALL have at some stage there are many medications, none of which will cure you, only you can cure you and there is no better remedy than letting nature take its true course.

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