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What do you do when you see a ‘bum’ on the street?

Most of us would simply.. walk on by

Does that make us bad people? Unkind? Selfish?

To be honest, I myself have been homeless, I have slept rough before. It was definitely a low point in my life, it really is not a good way to live.

It was in central London, the busiest place there is in this country and always there are so many people but it feels like you are not in their world, you are in a separate dark world.

It feels a bit like The Matrix and that you are invisible to everyone as they rush on by.

Watch a football match through a shop window, the stadium is filled with 100,000 people and you know in your heart that you are not like any of them, every one of them will have a place to go that night, money to spend, food to eat, family and friends that care..

and you have no one.

It is the loneliest existence.

But I would not beg, no, never, already I am embarrassed, ashamed that my life should come to this, still, inside there is a determination to change, to improve my life because at the end of the day this is not 200 years ago or 100 years ago, this is the 21st century, freedoms, democracy, there are opportunities for all.

So we might feel bad, guilty even as we pass the man begging in the street but we know there is kindness in our society, there are charities, there will be a place where the homeless can eat, no one in this country or any western nation will ever starve.

The virtue of any society is determined by how it treats its most weakest, vulnerable and worst behaved members

If the man you see in the photo was not holding a sign but lying face down in a puddle of water then most of us would not simply..

Walk on by.

This is Kindness

This the ‘Magic of Humanity’

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