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Mental Health

Breaking the silence over miscarriage: Bex’s story


Instead of writing this article, I should post a grainy black and white ultrasound image on Instagram showing a tiny human along with a hilarious joke telling the world I’m expecting a baby. But when I did my 12 week scan, instead of seeing a little baby full of excited, flashing heartbeats, I saw a…

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Billionaire investor George Soros breaks his silence on right-wing conspiracies in new documentary

Billionaire financier George Soros, 90, has made a rare acknowledgement of innumerable right-wing conspiracy theories surrounding him in a new documentary [File photo]

George Soros has made a rare acknowledgement of a slew of right-wing conspiracy theories that have falsely linked him to numerous causes including Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The 90-year-old financier has long been seen by the right wing as a bogeyman lurking behind almost every controversial issue in US politics – from gun control…

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