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Father and radio host Ty Smith rages against critical race theory at Illinois school board

Ty Smith, a talk radio host on a conservative Bloomington, Illinois station, gave an impassioned speech against Critical Race Theory at a June 9 meeting of District 87 of Bloomington Public Schools. CRT is not taught in the school district, but activists flocked to the meeting to speak out against the controversial educational program

A conservative radio show host has gone viral after he dramatically denounced Critical Race Theory at a meeting of an Illinois school board. Ty Smith, host of Cancel This on Cities 92.9 and star of a popular YouTube channel, appeared at the June 9 meeting. The Bloomington Public School area, District 87, does not teach Critical…

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Mental Health

Student Minds Blog : You’ve Got Soul: Our fundraiser radio show

Student Minds Blog : You've Got Soul: Our fundraiser radio show

Natalie shares why she’s hosting a radio show to raise money for Student Minds. – Natalie Mellor One of the most important tools for raising awareness Mental health is something we do every day, but is often taken for granted of course: talk. Through conversation, we can empower individuals to seek help They need to…

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