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Police hunt ‘four young black men’ over shooting of Sasha Johnson

Police hunt 'four young black men' over shooting of Sasha Johnson

Sasha Johnson was shot in the head in a ‘melee’ that also saw a fellow partygoer knifed when a gang of four young black men stormed into a Peckham garden with 30 people inside and opened fire, police revealed today. Commander Alison Heydari has made an appeal for anyone who knows the identity of the…

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Motivational Stories

How To Avoid The Most Common Valentine’s Day Mistakes Men Make

valentines day mistakes

So, you made it through the major holidays and you’re breathing a sigh of relief, right? That New Year’s kiss marked the end of worrying that you’d purchase the wrong gift, fail to be festive enough, or not show the right amount of appreciation for her efforts at making things merry and bright. Not so…

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Three Jewish men ‘showing solidarity’ with BLM are chased by protesters in Philadelphia

Footage shows as the Jewish men (left and right) are confronted by angry protesters

Three Jewish men who said they joined a demonstration to ‘show solidarity’ with Black Lives Matter, were shoved and chased by protesters in Philadelphia on Tuesday. Footage shows the group, two of whom are wearing kippot, being accused of being members of ‘the Synagogue of Satan’ and told to ‘get the f*** out of here’.  The clip,…

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U.S. families seek new investigations into police killings of Black men – National

Click to play video 'Black Lives Matter: Three steps to creating radical and systemic change'

RICHMOND, Va. — One man died after a police officer in New York state told him to move his illegally parked car. Another, in the midst of a mental health crisis, was fatally shot by an officer on a Virginia highway. A third man died in Oklahoma after a struggle with police. His last words…

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Mental Health

Twelve-Thousand Angry Men: Online Men’s Rights Movements

mental health, men’s health, feminism, shame, anger, rage, self victimization, inadequacy, masculinity, social media, internet, hate

On April 2, 2018, Alek Minassian, a 25-year-old student living in Toronto, Canada, took a rented van and drove it onto the sidewalk of a busy urban street killing 10 innocent people and injuring 16 others. His motivation was revenge against all women as well as the men who have romantic relationships with them. In…

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