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Mental Health

Reclaiming January – Defying Mental Illness

Reclaim January

By Josef Raczka Draw hope from the “worst month” of the year. January was never easy, but 2021 was a special struggle. Workplace Wellbeing Service Champion Health, using data from the ONS and some of its own, determined that January was the worst January ever from a mental wellbeing perspective. It shows record lows in…

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Mental Health

March of the times – Defying Mental Illness

It is the march of time. It is interesting that some religious groups are exempt from health and safety regulations (wearing hard hats), but the UK does not allow the gathering of services under public health regulations to combat Covid-19. Concern that the public health banner is being used against the Church in particular emerges from events.

March of the Times

The growth of the internet has exponentially expanded the channels of communication and with it the possibility of better remote control of events in many places. Unfortunately, in a world with improved access, human isolation seems to be the course of events in 2020. The global coordination of events has never been better than it is now. The vehicles for this will become the new gold standard. Zoom is quickly becoming the new Google.

It is the march of time. Rapid changes occur at every corner you turn. In the past, protective measures against the abuse of the rights of minority positions in relation to blanket rules for the common good were maintained. A clear example of this in the UK is the Sikhs’ exemption for the use of protective hats and helmets.

Governance is difficult, especially at a time when people are blatantly selling what they know is wrong to support their position. The “Big Brother” position is all too easy to achieve. Passion is required to win. However, winning should bring progress, not chaos.

The British approach to local locks allowed economic activity to continue. Once people lost their fear of virus compliance it became a problem. Whatever has been said about China, the enforced compliance that has been sustained for an effective period of time has given them space to return to life near normal.

Sometimes it can be worthwhile to amuse others to get things back on an acceptable playing field. Unfortunately, it is rare for most of us to accept what we do not accept for a set period of time. In addition, few, if any, government restrictions are ever lifted. There seem to be reasons for continuing it in one form or another.

Personal responsibility for health and wellbeing is difficult when we disagree with actions. The apostle Paul said to the Jew that I became a Jew, and among those without law I became one without law so that I might win some. Seeing a person’s point of view is not the same as agreeing to it. It provides a basis for an agreement. Can two go together if they don’t agree?

Whatever measures have been taken in China, they seem to have worked. If you attack the operating system it will not be eliminated. Going by and getting into an argument that isn’t your own is like taking a dog by the ear. They have to be bitten somehow.

Focusing on containing the virus is essential. so is the guarantee of freedom. People willingly sacrifice for what they believe in. When unnecessary topics are brought into the mix of things, we go around in circles.

In positions of authority, one must pay attention to handlers and shippers. God gives us personal responsibility that cannot be abdicated. Handlers or freight forwarders can distort a guide’s decisions and instructions. During my early years I saw a comedy series in which an interpreter was parodied to a colonial governor. This gatekeeper has always effectively modified the governor’s orders to his benefit, regardless of the governor’s position or intent.

More recently in my life I have seen the saying mirrored that the man is the head of the house while the woman is the neck that moves the head. I saw Wag the Dog on an inbound flight more than a decade ago. The neck analogy has always impressed me when it comes to this movie.

Some time ago I heard from a former prime minister who asked the successor to bring evidence to Parliament to prove that evidence was not being used for politics rather than the opposite. It is certainly the game of time when setting clear guidelines has never been so challenging.

In an era of fake news, flying taxis, etc., holding an authority has never been more difficult for any leader who wanted to maintain integrity

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