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HOW to Save all the Children

The truth is, no we cannot change the past, we can only learn from the past to make the future better. In the future we will learn to take care of those most vulnerable, we will find cures to the many diseases including cancer and we will learn to live more sustainably and begin to clean up after ourselves and all this campaign is about is making us realise that we can make a real start right now, not years in the future and it will cost us very little.

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Heal Our World

HOW and where to begin

We are human beings, we are not perfect, and it is this imperfection that makes us human, that makes us unique, individually and collectively. Let’s face it, as a race we are capable of some truly amazing things, great accomplishments and acts of love and kindness but to every coin there are two sides and we can be selfish, irresponsible and destructive. This is the ongoing challenge we face but we should never despair because it is our nature to thrive when faced with challenge and always there is hope that good will prevail over not so good.

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