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Motivational Stories

You’re Wrong About These Foods Being Bad For You

what are some common food myths

We’re constantly being told what we shouldn’t eat. That we have too much of something in our diet, that our favorite snacks are ‘bad’ for us, that we’re not “eating right”. But what if some of those rules – about the stereotypical ‘bad snacks’ – were actually food myths? Perhaps there are some legitimate health…

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Motivational Stories

Why TO-DO Lists Are Bad For Time Management And What To Do Instead

to do lists dont work

Being able to manage our time effectively is without a doubt one of the best “superpowers” we can possess. In fact, according to a recent study by IBM surveying over 2 million professionals, it was identified as the second most important skill to master in this new era of work. Let’s be clear, time management…

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Mental Health

A Bad Mental Health Day Doesn’t Undo Progress – My Brain’s Not Broken

A Bad Mental Health Day Doesn’t Undo Progress – My Brain's Not Broken

I had a bad day recently (that’s what I call depression and anxiety). Even a few bad days as the remaining effects of dealing with depression can last in a uniquely difficult way. You can also call them bad mental health days if you want to be more specific. In any case, this happened and…

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