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Super Affiliate System is an easy to follow course system that instills skills in people for becoming an affiliate marketer. This system focuses on teaching you how to market the products or services to the right people by utilizing market data, creating Ad Swipes for making sure people know about your business, getting the best out of Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads and Google Adsense in the least hectic way possible. Today we are reviewing the features and benefits of the Super Affiliate System. Go through the review to find out everything there is to know about the Super Affiliate system, including a short guide on how this system works and how to get the best out of it.

How does the Super Affiliate System work?

Basically, this system teaches you how to utilize the features of paid ads and toolkits of digital marketing in your affiliate marketing business. This system would teach you the insider tips, tricks, and tools to increase the power of your affiliate marketing blog.

Overall Investment required

It has one membership plan that is the same for everyone who wants to join in. You will have to pay $997 one-time fee as the membership fee for the system and if you want help regarding case studies, you’ll have to pay a $187 one-time fee as an upsell. To improve your sales percentages, you’ll need ClickFunnel as well which has been continuously advertised by John as the ultimate solution for your lead funnels. The click funnels would come with a price tag of $97 per month. Since the Super Affiliate System is all about driving paid traffic to your affiliate link, you will obviously require Solo Ads. Consider the investment of $300 monthly and if you are just starting out you’ll need to learn how to use the Facebook and Google Ads promotion properly. Spare $1k for paid advertising.

Benefits of the Super Affiliate System

  • Extensive Training about paid digital traffic

The Super Affiliate system trains you as an expert to kick-start your business in affiliate marketing. If you are a beginner, you’ll learn the true insider tips on how internet business moguls are running and earning the money using paid digital traffic. This system does not just provide an overview. It does not make you learn definitions and tell you the meaning of terms. It is fully based on practical knowledge and tips that you can benefit from. The best part about the Super Affiliate System is that you can’t just skim through the content provided by them. If you are thinking to fast forward a few videos and learn from that, then you won’t be able to learn anything since every lesson has extremely important information that you just can’t consume by skimming through it. And while we are at it, not only you have to read the whole material but you’ll also have to follow-up with homework, assignments, and quizzes. The training is a whole process of 6 weeks in which you’ll learn to set up the system, understand how things work, get the expert marketing skills to understand your customers, get insights on Facebook, YouTube and google ads and learn about how you can scale your audience and segment them to get the best out of the system.
  • Data Analysis and marketing

The system teaches you how to get the data to convert it into successful sales. Before you start a business, be it in any niche, it is important to know if the people you are targeting are interested or not. This system teaches the right methods to calculate data and see if the conversion rates in the field are high or not. To sum it up, the Super Affiliate System will help you find the right nice and make your commission through it.
  • Ready to launch Ad campaigns

The Super Affiliate System has an extensive list of Ready to Launch Ad Campaign that would help you in getting a template ready to engage more people into clicking your link over the others. These things can only be taught by experts who know their job well.
  • Weekly Group Webinars

The Super affiliate system has a Facebook group where the top experts offer a weekly group live webinar. Students can benefit from their examples and tips and tricks, and ask their own questions to get a speedy answer as well.

Is this System Worth it, or is it a scam?

The super affiliate system is more like a teacher that teaches you the skills, instills knowledge on how to use the paid tools and converts the traffic into successful sales using paid traffic measures. It is then completely up to you on how much you actually learn and impart that knowledge in your business. So a short answer to your question ‘Is Super Affiliate System a scam?’ is NO, it is not a scam. It all comes down to how much knowledge and skills you have gained from the Super Affiliate System. Button

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