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Life is such a beautiful thing, a gift and we do with that gift, whatever we choose and ultimately that choice is ours and I think we all want to be, well..happy, don’t we?

The only problem is we generally need other people in our pursuit of happiness but consequently it is often other people who for want of better words ‘f**k our shit up’.

Do they though?

Or do we just allow them to?

Even the things or events seemingly out of our control

are they really out of our control? 

On the way to work your car breaks down,

 it’s not your fault, it’s unforeseen circumstances, right?

Well, yes and no. 

We cannot see into the future but we can prepare for it. 

There was the choice to maintain the car better and be more prepared. 

Suddenly you are made redundant at work, you do not know how to meet the bills and Christmas is just around the corner, not your fault right?

No, it is not your fault but it is your fault that you are not better prepared, sounds harsh but that is the way it is. 

You could have kept your ear to the ground and know that your company was in trouble, 

you could have been more prudent and saved more for a rainy day

you could have invested in yourself and had another stream of income or indeed been self employed, there are so many derivatives.

Our quality of life is a direct reflection of the choices we make 

We are one of many species on this planet but the reality is because of our superior minds we are the only one who actually can predict the future.

No, we do not have a crystal ball but from the lessons and mistakes of others we can predict outcomes. 

We hardly ever buy anything online without first reading a review, lessons and experiences from others. 

Considering that good looking guy as your partner?

 If you are wise you ask around don’t you?

 If you know his past partners and you have access to them of course you are going to ask them what he is really like but the final choice is ultimately yours.

Problems arise when we ignore the signs, we have done our research, listened to the experiences of others and proceed anyway to our inevitable doom.

We do it all the time and we waste so much time with the wrong person and often children are born and are then raised without the much needed attention of one of their parents and indeed the cycle continues through the generations.

We have read the reviews and they ain’t great, we’ve seen the signs and they all point to a cul du sac but we cannot help ourselves and we think. 

“But he’s so ‘sweet to me, he’s changed” or “She’s not like that anymore when she’s with me she will be different”.

Don’t get me wrong, 100% people can change, our past does not define our future but if you get with a man who has consistently cheated on his former partners you cannot be too surprised if he does the same to you.

If we heed the signs we can save ourselves much time and much pain.


And the problem with pain?

It hurts..

Like a bitch.

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