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Protect others, stay at home, this is government advice and during a pandemic, it is good advice and when applied it will slow the spread of Coronavirus.

Will it stop the spread? In a word, no.

What exactly is the best way to protect others? The best way to protect others is to protect yourself because quite simply, if you sufficiently protect yourself then you automatically protect others and this should have been the focus from the very beginning.

It is early 2021 and believe or not the pandemic is entering the final straits, soon there will be mass vaccinations and the virus will die out.



Is there a cure for Coronavirus?

Is there a cure for Coronavirus? In a word..No.

Like the flu, Covid-19 is a virus and there is no cure. The ‘cure’ lies within our bodies and this is our immune system. No, there is no cure for a virus, all that can be done is to develop and administer an effective vaccine

How do I protect myself from Coronavirus?

Before I can answer this question, you will ask the question.. “Who the hell are you and why should we even think of listening to you?”

I am the crazy fool who tried to hand deliver a letter to Downing Street, in March, just a couple of days before the first lockdown.

In this letter was a collection of recommendations and predictions.

I could not expect anyone to take any notice of a list of recommendations from someone without expertise so in this letter I posed as a retired virologist.

It is now January 2021 and if you take the time to read this letter I am not an articulate writer but you will notice virtually everything predicted and detailed within this letter has come true.

Inside, is also a strategy to actually defeat Covid-19.

It is highly unlikely we will defeat Coronavirus now, all that matters now is the current race against time to develop and administer a working and effective vaccine before the whole population is exposed and the health service is completely overwhelmed.

Theoretically, halting the spread of a contact led virus with an incubation period of 14 days is relatively easy, just ask China.

Quite simply, lock everyone away and keep everyone apart for 14days minimum, the virus now cannot spread and dies out and the only concern is for those entering the country and those must all be quarantined, again for 14days minimum. 

I said this in the letter, China applied this strategy and the pandemic created in China, was no more.

China however, is a communist country and you cannot hope to use such draconian measures for a relatively low mortality rate disease in any free and democratic country.

Why is the infection rate so high in London and the US?

Any virus is likely to spread faster in a high density populated area because quite simply there are more people. For a virus to survive or thrive it needs to spread from host to host, without this opportunity, the virus will die.

I wrote this prediction before the UK or the US were at the forefront of this pandemic.

You see it is not merely the amount of people, it is their behaviour that matters most and the more liberated the people the greater and faster will be the spread and so it has come to pass.


covid london data table

If you have lived in the city, especially London, you know everything is just a little more intense.

Though London is very big in size there are still more than nine million people resident there and that is a lot for any city.

What really sets a city apart from other areas is where and how people live. In London especially, if you take a drive through you will notice many grand houses, often in terraced form.

Very rarely, especially near the centre will you find a single family dwelling in such accomodation. Very often most dwellings are shared, shared between families and individuals, apartment blocks, high rise flats, all are very common, especially in London.

In such and similar dwellings, a new virus like Covid19 is a perfect breeding ground.

London covid graph

It is when I view the recent figures and listen to reports that my worst fear appear to be coming to fruition.

When at the time of writing my letter it was Italy and China who were suffering the most and it was my prediction that London was in great peril because of its size and the nature and size of its population.

No, I am not an expert, what I know about the spreading of a virus has been gleaned during this pandemic from the authorities charged with protecting us but instantly I could see the advice being given was seriously flawed and this is when I felt I had no choice but to speak up.

I emailed politicians, wrote posts and articles, I even had a video made (below) and paid from my own money to show it to America. At the time it was just beginning to spread here and because the US is so populous and crucially each individual is so liberated I felt that here was the greater danger and so it has come to pass.

I felt at the time that my letter and post was probably far too long winded for the average person to read whether or not the contents were valid and I tried to transfer all key points into a three minute video which is not that easy.

The video was seen by thousands but only liked 150 times and shared 50 times and I felt that it was not making any real difference, though whatever difference I would never ever know.

If you watch the video you will see it is geared more to bringing the pandemic to an end and you will probably view the suggested strategy as just too simple but sometimes the solution to a complex problem can indeed be quite simple.

The virus exists in two key places – in the bodies of those infected and the tiny and invisible traces left behind by those infected.

It then seems sensical to destroy the virus where we can, there is no cure for Coronavirus so for those infected there is little that can be done save to cross your fingers and hope your immune system is strong enough to fight and defeat it.

However, all those many many tiny traces of contaminated bacteria are easily defeated, just soap, or better bleach or an anti bacterial agent.

For an aggressive enemy, Coronavirus is remarkably weak and the world’s policy of running and hiding was not only ineffective but foolhardy and unnecessary.

Sometimes when it is you saying one thing but no one else is you begin to question yourself, massively and unless you are a person of authority no one will listen, no will take heed.

There has been so much and many conflicting advice and recommendations and it is difficult to know who to believe, who to trust, who to listen to.

It is this reason why I refer back to my letter if you take the time to read it you will see with regards to this pandemic I have been almost 100% correct with my predictions and this should inspire confidence in anything I say now.

I am not here to tell you that you should not follow current government advice or protocols, I am here to tell you if you do not wish to become infected and if not deadly it is an unpleasant virus to contract so everyone should try their utmost not to contract it.

No, this advice is an add on, there are other things you must do to effectively protect yourself.


Politicians.. great ain’t they?

The harsh truth is they are people just like us, often they are not overly talented or intelligent or incumbent with vision and looking back, it has been a real poor show, not just from politicians in the UK but leaders all throughout the world with no idea how to control the spread and in their hands many have died and many economies now lie in ruins.


How does Coronavirus spread?

This is the most crucial of questions faced by the authorities and individuals and no one really has managed to get to grips with the answer.

How can I answer it? Well it was the government and the authorities who told me.

Throughout the pandemic there has been many conflicting versions of advice and it has constantly changed, a clear sign that the authorities have no clear answers and are just ‘guessing’.

The one piece of revealing advice that has remained constant throughout is to wash your hands 

It became obvious right from the beginning that such advice is insufficient and impractical and I really hoped that the authorities would authorise the free distribution of hand sanitiser for the general public and issue instruction on how and when to apply it.

We were advised to wash our hands for at least twenty seconds when really the focus should have been directed towards quantity and not quality.

Why? because it is estimated we touch our faces with our hands almost 16 times every hour If there is infectious Covid particles on your hand and you touch your lips, eyes or nose then it is highly likely the virus will now enter into your body and you will become infected.




Believe  it or not, this pandemic will end soon due to impending vaccines and the inevitable change in climate. 

For all our sakes the hope is that we can learn from our experiences, learn from our mistakes and be better equipped in the future. I say this because the next new virus that appears may have a much higher morality rate and if we approach it like this time then well, we are all screwed.

Why is Covid19 more virulent in 2021 than 2020?

I have not done my research and if I did some I am very sure I still would not know much the virulent new strain that has been reported.

What i do know for sure is that any bacteria will survive much longer in a colder environment and a surge in infections during the winter months was more inevitable than merely likely but unfortunately, the authorities still were not prepared for it, indeed schemes such as Eat Out To Help Out and complacency among the masses helped to fuel the surge

doctors working in the nhs

How crucial is the role of the health service during the pandemic?

The human body is robust but still fragile and an effective health service is crucial for any society. It is not just when we are sick or our loved ones, a health service lies right at the heart, buried in the foundations of society and if it falls then society can also fall.

This or any government are not concerned with individual lives, they are concerned only with statistics, this is not really a criticism, when a body is charged to look after a whole population then people do become numbers. A government is installed to govern the whole of society but we are left to look after ourselves as individuals.

We have heard the protestors and conspiracy theorists questioning why we must take such drastic measures to contain the spread of a virus that has a similar mortality rate to the flu and the answer is remarkably simple.

In the beginning, Coronavirus is a brand new virus and no one has had it before therefore no one has immunity to it

Only 2% mortality?

In a population of 50 million, that is a lot of sick people but also 1 million dead people. While some may ‘write off’ the deaths of so many because maybe it is not them and maybe it is not someone they care about, the fact is there is no health service that possibly be prepared for so many sick and dying people in any short period of time.

Health services function to serve the people only in normal times but are prepared for exceptional circumstances should there be a natural disaster but such preparedness is really theoretical and not practical.

There are very few health services that can afford to pay massive amounts of money preparing for a situation that simply may not occur.


ambulance workers during pandemic

History has taught us not to appease an aggressive enemy

Yes, Covid19 is an aggressive enemy and the worldwide strategy is to run and hide and this strategy created and implemented to slow the spread has only been partially successful.

There is very little we as a species can do to defend against an airborne virus but a virus that depends on contact, yes, it can be defeated and I only hope we learn valuable lessons for the future.

Running and hiding is only effective you are really good at it and that means total isolation during the whole period and this just is not practical for anyone.

It is essential, even if you are hiding to effectively protect yourself because Covid is aggressive and it will come looking for you, if you do not protect yourself then it is inevitable you will soon contract the virus unless you are lucky and a vaccine appears in time.


Contact points covid19

Checklist to protect yourself from Coronavirus

  • There are no conspiracy theories here, all following advice is recommended to follow in addition to whatever advice you currently follow 

Remember, to effectively protect others it is necessary for you to protect yourself, if you do not contract Coronavirus then you cannot spread Coronavirus 


The bacteria expelled from those infected with Coronavirus can live for up to 72 hours on hard surfaces such as those in the above image. The original and current advice to wash your hands is very valid but as we touch our faces multiple times a day it would to be effective necessary to wash our hands directly after each time a contact point has been touched.

To wash your hands the necessary amount of times a day to be safe often is not even possible and more often than not, it is not practical, therefore the use of hand sanitiser should be promoted, or loose anti bacterial wipes should be carried with easy access.


Social distancing has been a widely used strategy for fighting Coronavirus and the reality is it should be an added measure to keep you safe and not the main strategy. The mere inclination that one person coughing into the face of another and then that person doing the same as the way this virus has spread so fast to millions around the world is simply laughable and another reason why we should be so dismayed with the response from authorities.

One person with contaminated hands leaving traces wherever they touch and then for someone to become infected when coming into contact with such traces seems the obvious analogy of how this and other viruses are spread from person to person.

For a virus to enter your body it must come into direct contact with a soft zone namely your mouth, eyes or nose as these are most readily accessible from our hands. In a pandemic like this it becomes necessary to be more conscious of your actions, be mindful of what you are doing and especially what you are touching and act accordingly 


Right from the beginning, I was an advocate of sanitising surfaces and this can be seen in my list of recommendations  soon after, supermarkets began to offer sanitisers at store entrances and encouraged the cleaning of trolleys etc and I was heartened to see staff sanitising petrol pump dispensers.

Crucially though this was not a directive from the government, it seems the store management suddenly got wise and applied some common sense. 

However, why would you sanitise your shopping trolley but ignore the point of sale touchscreen, the chip and pin keypad or the atm outside?

You cannot see the traces of coronavirus so it becomes necessary to guess where it might be and this is not so difficult because when we apply ourselves we can imagine and predict place where a lot of people might touch.

Remember when the pandemic first broke? A team of people would then ‘deep clean’ any premises that had held any person confirmed to have contracted the virus but is it really necessary to sanitise and cleanse, the floors? The ceilings? The windows?

Before one football match I witnessed someone sanitising the crossbar of a goal post! Even if someone has left trace particles in such obscure places, the likelihood of someone else touching it within 72 hours is so slight it should not even be considered.

Why did not the government delegate and instruct all store owners and management to sanitise ALL contact points PERIODICALLY through ever day? Who knows.

Why did not the government instruct the general population to use an anti-bacterial barrier when touching a contact point and potentially squash the virus? Who knows.




A mask may protect you should someone sneeze or cough in your face, however it definitely fallible as your eyes are still exposed.

A mask can also discourage you from putting your fingers to or in your mouth which is very high in the probability of ways to become infected, however, it becomes crucial to wash your hands directly after removing your mask

The wearing of masks 24/7 whilst outside has not been ordered and is unlikely to be so, therefore it is up to you if you wish to wear one and if you do it is necessary to be aware of its fallibility.



It is one protocol that the government advised correctly. Even the most vigilant can contract Coronavirus if those they live with are not as vigilant.

When we are at home our guard is down almost completely and vigilance within ones own home is not really practical but if you are adamant not to contract the virus and those who reside with you refuse to be vigilant then you have a decision to make.

You can either a) educate those you live with b) evict those you live with c) exercise vigilance whilst at home




When will the pandemic end?

Hmm, when will the pandemic end?

This must be the most asked question in the last 12 months.

It is difficult to comprehend the suffering that will have been inflicted to millions worldwide, suffering from the virus itself, from the families of those loved ones who succumbed to the virus and lost their lives.

The loss of so many livelihoods across the world through the imposition of restrictions, the millions who live in undeveloped countries and did not benefit from any protection provided by the state.

The countless number of people suffering from poor mental health and whose afflictions were massively heightened with periods of lockdowns and isolation.

The millions of children worldwide who have lost much provisions of education, unable to meet or play with friends, it indeed will have been a dark time for them and for so many.

Can there really be a brighter future?


When I looked back over the last 10 months or so, it was then I realised that virtually every single prediction I made at the beginning and throughout has come to pass.

Becasue of this I will stick to my original prediction that in March 2021 we begin to see a return to normality, I hope it could be sooner but is probably unlikely.

At the time of writing there is much reports of vaccines, indeed there is news that the Queen of England herself has been vaccinated so maybe there is hope for us all and the light at the end of this long tunnel will take over from the darkness that has shrouded us for so long.


How to kick start a broken economy

In my original letter, my prediction was the world’s economies would enter into a recession, well actually I said there was a real threat of entering a depression to rival the one in the 1920s.

Maybe the economies of the world are much more robust to withstand the battering that has been dished out, I sure hope so.

Physical stores were already on the back foot and were already struggling to keep pace with the climb of online shopping and they all have been dealt a cruel hand with the imposing of tough restrictions around the world.

Hard currency, was also on the back foot and the advice was spot on to encourage contactless payments as cash, especially coins are well within the high-risk group.

The human race though exists on the whole and it is morally wrong to discriminate or exclude any group, section or nationality, income and status should never be a factor and because of this, cash can never be allowed to die.

The world had many problems before the pandemic began and those problems have not gone away but they might now seem harder to solve.

Every problem has a solution 

Post pandemic, it will become necessary to begin again, economies will in effect ‘reboot’ and together we must rebuild.

Let me ask you this though.. if there was an old building that had served well but was imperfect, old and slightly decrepit when rebuilding would it not be a good idea to start as we mean to go on.

To build a brighter future, not just for the few but for the many.

To stimulate economies around the world whilst simultaneously saving lives and safeguarding our planet for those who might follow.

Please check out this Facebook post, keep an open mind and a positive mindset and realise we are not that far from ultimate salvation whilst teetering on the edge.

Not even Muhammad can move the weight of a mountain, we each need to carry one stone 

Take care and stay safe.


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