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L.Living with emotional / mental illness can be isolating and lonely. But stigma is a beast that does not brutalize prisoners. And the only way it works is if we challenge it together. Are you in?

As long as we’re together, we move beyond stigma and talk about identity and hope. How are you feeling these days

Check out our group above. I suspect half of these stigma fighters deal with emotional / mental illness. And I think the other half joined the righteous cause. As hurtful and angry as they are, they smile. Yes, they are happy to be together – to be involved.

The truth about stigma

Perhaps, like you, I live with illnesses that affect how I receive, interpret, and respond to my world – myself. Instead of using the stigmatizing term “insanity”, I came up with an emotional / mental illness (EMD). And that is no different than, for example, a heart or kidney disease. After all, we only have one body, with no distinction above or below the neck.

The time had come to go public with EMD, would almost put an end to the hope of living a life free of judgment and peace. Others, knowing our circumstances, would only exacerbate the problems we were already trying to cope with.

Fortunately, things are looking a little better here in the early 21st century; However, society still has a long way to go in terms of how people perceive and treat people with EMD.

As common as EMD is, many who endure it do not seek treatment. And that’s because of obstacles like a lack of education and personal insight, inadequate or non-existent health insurance, and of course stigma.

Something is wrong with this picture.

If you are struggling with EMD, I recommend keeping your head high. You have nothing to be ashamed or ashamed of. Indeed, your self-openness and courage are admirable.

Please explain with me that it is okay to have EMD. Because society will only fully embrace us if we step forward together and demand to be counted and respected.

As far as we have come, a shiny badge of shame continues to be imposed on many who live with EMD. As a result, too often we are improperly scrutinized and treated unfairly in the workplace and school in relation to insurance and other vital areas of life. Yes, the stigma is still alive and well.

That needs to change.

I have emotional / mental illness. And my circumstances deserve the same respect, freedom of judgment, and treatment options that other health situations offer.

Let’s challenge the stigma together.

Identity and hope

Mental health stigma

“Man, I don’t know anything anymore.”

As long as we’re together, we move beyond stigma and talk about identity and hope.

How are you feeling these days Not that hot? Or maybe things are so overwhelming that you just don’t know.

Does any of these hit home? Desperate, hopeless, helpless, frustrated, lonely, out of control, crazy, stuck, lost, angry, numb, scared, worthless, disgusted, dead.

Living with EMD can be brutal, right?

Know that I didn’t get any of the above things out of a textbook or from hearing war stories. I’ve seen them all …

Thought she … felt her … turned blue about her … got manic about her … cried about her … laughed about her … drank about her … angry about her … raved about them … guilty about them … obsessed with them … obsessively about them … panicking about them … you call it about them.

That’s right, since I’ve had EMD most of my life, I’ve been right where you are. Yes, I’ve been in the trenches and I know what and how you feel.

And I’m here to tell you that a peaceful and fulfilling life is yours.

That may be hard to believe at the moment. But that’s okay, just be open.

I just really want you to take a break now. Now, take a few relaxing breaths and soak up the warmth of hope. They know that someone who has suffered at least as much as you has lived a productive and peaceful life. And he’s been doing this for many moons.

The same is waiting for you.

See, when you learn that others are having the same pain, suffering, distorted thoughts, and distressing feelings as you, relief begins. I mean, it removes the puzzle from what you are experiencing and helps you realize that you are not a hopeless, worthless psycho-freak.

Is that how you feel

I did it once. But always remember that when you learn that others have experienced your misery, hope becomes a part of your life. And when it turns out that others have conquered their misery, hope passes into thinking, “This is how I can”.

Identity and hope: a worthwhile conversation, don’t you think?

We are not alone

Stigma is a brute without a prisoner. It has directly influenced me many times over the years. And I bet it hit you too. Let’s challenge it together and put it down.

As for our identity and hope chat, this means it all for anyone who has an emotional / mental illness.

And that’s because we’re not alone and we can get better.

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