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Relationship Magic is a program solely based on values. Unlike other programs, it doesn’t focus on the trivial things in life. It doesn’t have a perverted section based on a weird sex position that’ll keep your relationship alive and it doesn’t talk about enhancing your physical relationship to get what you want. Phew! It’s like a breath of fresh air.  It’s about time someone produced a relationship guide that actually focused on the things that matter – the things that truly mean the difference between making or breaking a relationship.

About the Relationship Magic Guide

Relationship Magic is an online program you receive immediate access to as soon as you purchase it. You can download the information right onto your device, whether a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet, or you can bookmark it right in your web browser to access as needed. It’s entirely based on relationship values – the things that mean the most important to you in a partner and in a relationship. By narrowing in on what you truly want and why you can go ahead and get it. The guide teaches you how.

About the Author Behind Relationship Magic

Susan Bratton is the creator of Relationship Magic and is also the CEO of Personal Life Media. She is an advocate for anyone, male or female, who wants a satisfying romantic life. Susan is so successful at what she does, she’s received several awards and had many appearances on major television networks, and is highly renowned within the relationship coaching industry. She’s built an entire career off of teaching people how to love and how to love successfully.

Quick Overview of the Relationship Magic Program

Although Relationship Magic is fairly simple in a sense, don’t be mistaken. The program is packed with all kinds of things you know you are important but have failed to realize why or just how important they are.

For example, you know your values play a huge role in relationships but you likely have no idea what those values are, or which ones are most important, or why they’re important to you. Well, this program teaches you all of that and then it teaches you what to do with it, so you can get what you want out of your love life.

To give you a better understanding of what you’ll receive throughout the chapters, I’ve selected some of my favorite things from each.


“When your love life is easy and fulfilling the rest of your life is enhanced. You have more energy, resilience, and a positive outlook because you are sharing your life with someone who is by your side as the two of you set about the pursuit of happiness.”

Ready to Get Started

“Relationship Values give you and your partner a map to love each other in the most unique personalized and fulfilling way.”

Compatibility vs. Relationship Values

“As much as 90% of the time your partner is annoying you, the annoyance stems from your past issues rather than anything that your mate is doing in the present time… Your differences mature you in the crucible of marriage. Your differences help you evolve. Your differences keep your relationship juicy and alive.”

Where Did my values Come From?

“They came from your parents and role models, from television and church. But you are not your parents.”

Why Four, Not More?

“You will see that clarifying your four most important Relationship Values will give you a far superior compass as you head toward a lifetime of satisfying pleasure.”

What if my List Changes?

“Once you discover your top four Relationship Values, you’ll know, by that anxious feeling, that one of your values has changed.”

One Couples’ Relationship Values Example

“Both were surprised at their own lists and equally amazed when they shared their lists with each other. Why? Because for Lauren, once she studied the list, she realized she’d been operating under the rules of her parents’ values. She wasn’t in touch with what was truly right for her life.”

Lauren’s and Robert’s Relationship Values

“A word of warning: it is not enough to say, for example, that passion is one of your Relationship Values. You must give specifics so your partner will know when he or she is meeting your needs.”

How to Talk about Relationship Values

“You’re getting a shortcut, a checklist, even a treasure map to make your [partner] happy, so listen up!”

Relationship Values Clusters

“These values are grouped into 18 clusters of similar words. You will find that one of the words in the list most closely matches your sentiments.”


This part is my favorite, as you get to actively participate in the Relationship Magic. “Going forward as you continue to share your desires with each other each day, also focus on giving your partner the experiences they want to have by being in [a] relationship with you.”

You also receive Relationship Magic tips to use in specific situations with the following bonuses:

  • How to walk up to a beautiful stranger
  • How to talk to a woman and create intense chemistry
  • How to make your wife happy
  • How to talk to your husband or boyfriend about your relationship values


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