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As I write this I sit less than ten miles from her final resting place, 

no I am not a stalker, it’s just where I live.

The picture and quote is from a recent post I did on Facebook and on Instagram

It was a terrible time when she died here in the UK

Such grief and mourning, she was loved and admired by so many including me.

I was only a child and I admired her beauty and kindness but I was not a superfan, I didn’t have her photos on my wall or anything like that.

I could see how she was thrust into a life and family that she had little or no control over.

The reality is the future king needed a spouse to bear him children and she fitted the part.

The problem?

The future king loved another..

There are three of us in this marriage so it is a bit overcrowded

She had no chance.

The future king wanted his cake and to eat it too.

That cake may not appear as nice but to him it tasted good

He enjoys it still to this day.


I am a firm believer that real beauty comes from inside, it comes from kindness and compassion and Diana had this in bucketloads. 

So unfairly criticised by a small percentage who claim she hogged the spotlight and complained unfairly about its intrusion.

It was that intrusion that led to her downfall.

She did not ask for the mass attention she received but she used this attention and her position to do so many positive things and to show so much love, kindness and compassion to so many who needed it.

Hugs can do great amounts of good especially for children

She could have spent her time in self pity at her situation and I am sure there were many moments like this as she was only human

but the rest of her time was doing good things for good causes.

We can only begin to imagine the good she would have gone on to accomplish if she was not taken away from us so early.

She brought the Royal Family into the modern times, the same family who aren’t doing too great at the moment.

I believe she was a great parent and mother and this was one area where she would not compromise, her children meant so much to her I know.


It was the great British stiff upper lip and inner fortitude as to why Harry and William did not break down in tears during her funeral parade

when so many could not control their emotions.

There are so many across this world who miss her charm, her warmth, her kindness and persona

but for William and Harry it was all that but also it was their mother and they both must miss her everyday and think of her everyday.

They are doing well and she would be proud of them I am sure.

The Queen of our hearts has long since died

but her legacy lives on.

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