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The problem with pain.. it hurts

Pain, it hurts like a bitch

and then you die

and ain’t that a bitch too.

Life, it is such a beautiful gift and we do with this gift whatever we want to but sometimes we unwrap it and it just isn’t what we expected or wanted

but there are no returns.

We usually have to make do with whatever we get.

Life is like your favourite movie, sit back and enjoy it cos there ain’t no re runs

Thrills and spills, mystery and suspense, love scenes, romance, maybe a few car chases, happy times, sad times and with those sad times.. comes pain.

Physical pain is synonymous with physical injury or illness and for this there is usually a medical cure or maybe a recuperation and healing period.

Mental pain and anguish can go much deeper.

We live life and we endure pain through the struggles we encounter, problems problems, problems.


Every problem has a solution

The problem with problems? We all tend to focus on the problem and not finding and applying the relevant solution.

When we encounter a problem in life and it goes unresolved, then it is unresolved, it can fester in our minds, in our life, like a physical wound that goes unhealed, it can affect us, how we think, how we act, it can leave a scar, a mental scar.

If we do not become adept at resolving our problems the inevitable can happen, another problem occurs and again goes unresolved, and another and another and this is the downward spiral towards depression.

If you imagine that your mind is the engine of a car and it develops a problem but the car still drives ok so we keep going. 

Another problem, the car is running ok but not as good so we keep going and another, now the car is running poorly but it still gets us to where we want to go so we keep going until eventually..


Depression comes with the accumulation of unresolved problems and often we just cannot see it coming until it arrives, it is much easier to fix the engine when it develops a small problem than to have to completely overhaul it.


The subconscious mind is linked to the soul, positivity is the fuel and negativity a virus

A problem is full of negativity, it is like worms burrowing into the soil and if you do not remove them they burrow deeper and deeper, seeping into the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is more powerful than its conscious equivalent, it operates 24/7, it never sleeps, hard to control or affect, it speaks to us all the time and it is so damned hard not to listen.

Sometimes it can tell us good things, it can tell us we love another when we did not even realise, it can tell us that the rose in the meadow is truly a beautiful thing but if we are submerged in negativity it can tell us we deserve it, it can tell us it is normal and that we can never escape it and it can condemn us to a life of misery.

That said, the conscious mind carries the sword and has the power to wield it, the subconscious is powerful but when awake the conscious is in charge and with effort and determination we can begin to send instructions the other way, absolutely, depression is reversible.

It is not taught in schools about life, real life and the problems we can face and more importantly how crucial it is to at least try to solve them before they accumulate and often we do not learn until much of life has passed us by and many of us unfortunately never learn.

Such is life.

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