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One Love


“One love, one heart”
“Let’s get together and feel all right”
“Hear the children crying (One love)”
“Hear the children crying (One heart)”
“Sayin’, Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right.”


Can you hear the children crying?

Can you see the children crying?


We do not know what inspired Bob Marley to write the song and god knows the world has missed out on his wisdom and philosophy on life.


As a child I would refuse to eat my vegetables and still do but my father would instil in me (forcibly) that there were children with no food and this message I carried with me.


I am a parent and any parent will experience their child crying at meal times because they do not want to eat or they are too tired to eat and all my children were met with my stern voice


“Why are you crying? You have food. You should be crying if you have no food”


The result? At the end of all mealtimes there would be empty plates. No, I do not believe it is ‘cruel’ to insist on your children to eat all that you give to them and no I would never force them to eat more than they need or something they did not like but to take food for granted and throw away on a whim whilst so many go without just does not sit right with me.


We have all seen the photos and news reels of children around the world during times of famine, children walking miles just for a drink of dirty water, children sick from disease but without medicine and if you are still reading this then such images pull at your heart strings just like mine but I am not a Samaritan, not a saint and also not a hypocrite.


I so very rarely give to charity, if at all, does it make me a bad person? Well, of course I do care and maybe there have been times in my life that I might actually be the one that needs the charity, though even in the hardest of times I could not really forget or take for granted what I did have even when it was very little. I would think to myself could my spare change really make any difference? Especially when I began to realise that charities are now big business themselves and the CEO’s are often earning five and six figure salaries, this fact alone leaves a somewhat bitter taste.


Inside, I was always thankful that not everyone held my own beliefs otherwise no one would donate to the many good causes that there are and many more would have suffered.


In an ‘imperfect world’ it is only the children who are truly innocent and of the three featured major problems this is the only one that 100% can be solved instantly by ‘throwing money at it’ and there is plenty of that about.


When we do give we give because of our conscience, we give when we are told and reminded about the suffering of children and then.. well, then, we quite simply forget, we have our own lives to lead and each and every one of us have lives fraught with problems and daily challenges, so we can be forgiven for forgetting, can’t we?


Out of sight, out of mind is the key phrase, yet if you are reading this 100% I would bet if you saw a child in distress, a child hungry, a child in pain you would not simply ‘walk on by’, you would do all you could to help that one child.


Whilst cancer affect most of us directly and nearly all of us indirectly and the threat of climate change affects everyone of us, if there was a surplus of cash it is the problem of the suffering of children that should receive our attention first.




It is my opinion that every adult has a responsibility to all children. We were all children once, can you imagine being a child and having no one? Can you imagine being a child and being in constant hunger? So much so that it physically hurts? And there is no one there to ease your suffering?


This is the one problem that can be solved with money alone and as a race it is our great shame that such a problem still exists. To fix this long lingering problem will not give us ‘hero’ status, it is the bare minimum we should expect.


To the so many millionaires across the world, the actors, sportsmen, businessmen, musicians, celebrities, politicians, should they feel guilty? Do they feel guilty? This is not for me to say, I do not know, I can not judge. We live in a capitalistic society and it is human nature to accumulate wealth, to feather ones own nest, to desire and seek out the very best lives for themselves and those they love and not being a communist or socialist I wholeheartedly support and agree for it is the entrepreneurs amongst us that make the world a better place.


The Heal Our World campaign shifts the responsibility and funding to the business world subsequently easing the conscience of all including the wealthy. It is not about taxing businesses because giving to charity not only is good for the respective causes, it is good for business itself, why?


Because we are all human.


We do all care, well most of us do but just not enough to give everything we have, everything we have worked so hard for, this does not make us bad people, it just makes us.. human.


We do care about the plight of children but it is so far away, we just forget, when it is out of sight it is so easy for it to be out of our minds.


The Heal Our World campaign is not about making a difference, it is not about helping or to ease the suffering, it is about diving right in, it is about solving the problem. It is not about helping those that can help themselves, it is about children who cannot help themselves, who should not be expected to help themselves and in doing so easing the consciences of us all.

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