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If in life you choose to believe in anybody then choose to believe in yourself.

They don’t really teach this stuff in school. they don’t really tell us just what is possible, what can be achieved in life, if you believe in your own potential, your own ability.

The photo above is one from my facebook page and a lot of people resonated with the words but what do they really mean to us as an individual?

As a father of seven (yeh I know lol) my opinion is always it is a parents duty to provide whatever their children needs before what they want.

In our lives we spend only a small percentage as a child, we are in fact in training to be an adult.

That said I still feel it is important that a child enjoys their childhood because let’s face it, we only get one childhood and our childhood is free from worries and problems we adults encounter and endure.

A child should be taught how to think and not what to think

A child needs to learn, education is important, he needs to learn new things and skills and how to integrate with his peers but most of all he needs to feel loved.

A child’s well being is most important, his self worth and self esteem is like a house, it takes time to build but can be demolished in minutes.

This is why I take a firm stand against bullies because they like no other can rip away a child’s self esteem and can condemn them to a life of being a victim.

Sticks and stones may break your bones but a bully will rip your f*****g heart out

We only have the one life and often when we realise the significance of this half of it has gone.

How many of us really live our lives to its full potential?

How many of us follow our dreams and achieve them?

How many of us chase our dreams but give up when we are faced with problems?

A problem is a mountain, a hill, a hurdle ALL are surmountable


In life sometimes we need a hand.

In life, sometimes it can be difficult

but we cannot fail if we persist, we can only fail if time itself expires or we throw in the towel and give up.

A dream is a thought and a thought absolutely can be visualised and once visualised it becomes a goal.

As long as we know our goal we can then plan a path towards it and with passion and determination we can reach our goals and realise our dreams

but only if we truly have belief

in ourselves.

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