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While modern technology has made life more practical, it has unfortunately introduced a sedentary lifestyle. In the post, people were active in their workplace, but these days, they spend most of their time either lying in bed watching TV or sitting on sofas working on their laptops. And, even when they are at their work, they prefer working gluing in their seats. According to research, more than 50% of Americans sit more than eight hours a day, resultantly most of the people living in urban areas are suffering from back pain. If you are the person who spends most of your time lying idle and suffering from back pain, you need the help of a back pain coach. You cannot rely on pain relievers as these cause serious side effects. In addition to this, medications do not resolve the root cause of your backbone problems, and therefore, do not cure you completely. Consequently, if you want a natural, effective and continuous resolution of your back pain, My Back Pain Coach program is the best option to solve your all problems relating to back pain.

Program background:

Several years ago, Ian found himself in pain. He suffered basketball trauma; doctors said he would have to quit the sport. Over the next ten years, Ian tested painkillers, acupuncture, massages, screams. Physical therapy. Alphabetic, yoga, Pilates and more. Everything changed when he met a man named Bojan, who offered to help him. Bojan subjected him to a 16-minute sequence of 8 movements, and the pain was gone, like that. Bojan was from Serbia, had a Masters in Sports Science from the University of Belgrade (they say he is Harvard in a sports field). There he was a member of the technical team of the Serbian national football team. Bojan developed a method based on biomechanics, anatomy, and psychology, which worked very well for back pain and sciatica. These discoveries have earned him the prestigious “gold seal of approval” from his university.

Who is My Back pain coach program for?

My Back Pain Coach program is made for all those who suffer from back problems. If you have experienced acute back pain or discomfort that does not seem to go away, this is the product for you. This program is also for those of you who have had problems with your posture after being on your computer, sitting for hours; You will also get help here. And if he has suffered, he feels that it has something to do with his back; You should try this program. This program is for all ages, from young adults to the elderly.

What causes back pain?

The causes of your back pain are not known most of the time, but it is very serious and painful. Most of the back pains are what is called “nonspecific” because there is no safe or “mechanical” cause, the pain that starts in the joints, bones or soft tissue in and around the spine.

Conditions that can cause back pain include:

  • A slipped disc (prolapse) (a disc of cartilage in the spine that rests on a nerve) may be one cause of your back pain and numbness, weakness of your backbone and tingling in other parts of your body.
  • Sciatica (irritation of the nerve from the lower back to the feet) may cause numbness, pain, tingling and acute weakness in your legs, lower back, buttocks, and feet.
  • Ankylosing spondylitis (swelling in the joints of the spine): This causes pain and stiffness that usually worsens in the morning and improves with movement
  • Spondylolisthesis (a bone in the spine that slides out of position): this may cause stiffness and pain in your lower back.


  • Initiates the activation of unbalanced muscles and prepares them for release.
  • The dormant muscles of the hip wake up proceeding to the activation of the unbalanced muscles.
  • Your pains begin to break free at this stage because your body is ready for the next exercise.
  • The lower back is still flooded with blood, oxygen and newer nutrients (highly energizing).
  • Decompression of the lower back.
  • Full body alignment. Restores muscle balance, not only in the spine but also in the lower back.
  • The stabilization of your back, spine, and hips in their natural position is complete.
  • The spine is gently compressed to remove old blood from the discs and then draws newer blood for better healing.

Effectiveness of the program:

Just above his schedule, Ian Hart makes a very bold statement that his “unusual method” can help relieve back pain in 16 minutes. While this is not true for everyone who suffers from back pain, the exercises he teaches help. Although you may not see complete relief immediately, over time, you will appreciate the effectiveness of these movements in your back. The exercises designed during the course could help you maintain a healthy and natural body structure.

Some Reviews of Our Clients

According to Michelle O, after attending the first session of back pain relief4life, she felt an opening in his back, which she never felt before. She felt stronger now. According to Sue Axton, she has five grandchildren, and now she can easily bend down and pick her grandchildren up, and she feels much pleasure and joy in doing so without any hardship and pain. According to Patty, she is feeling great, and she had no muscle pain and didn’t have to see her chiropractor. She does exercise and is active at her work. She no more feels any neck and shoulder pain. According to Sam L, after attending back pain relief4life, he feels more flexible. After attending only three sessions, he is feeling much better, and his backbone does not hurt anymore. According to Jim, he could now touch his toes, which he had not been able to do in the last twenty years. According to Doug C, he is more flexible and does not feel any back pain. He has not lost any work days due to back pain. According to Dan L, after doing the program, he is enjoying an active life.  He has been able to do strenuous workouts thrice in a week. According to John, his muscles are holding where there should be, and his activities are back to normal – full tennis and full golf. According to Jonolyn F, she was prescribed steroids and going to get these, but then she attended back pain relief4life twice a week and did not feel the need to pick up the prescription. According to Pastor Jason W, “you are nothing if you do not try, and I would recommend you try it”. According to John B, back pain relief4life has added twenty to thirty yards to his drive, and he is feeling more comfortable in hitting the golf ball. According to Rick O, he felt better even after attending the first session, and according to him, the results were terrific. According to Dr C. Tolbert, his pain relieved immediately, and his muscles were relaxed and were not tense anymore. According to Carol, after joining the program, she did not use any medicines, did not go to therapy, and yet she is feeling more active and can walk without any problems. According to Candy – the Therapist, she had neck and shoulder pain every night and the problem with her joints which was periodical. The pain was so severe that it became difficult for her to do her job. She had done many exercises without any positive results, and she was not sure about the merit of this program also. But after a few sessions, she felt excellent relief in her all problems. According to Steve P, he believes so much in this that he recommends back pain relief4life to anybody and everybody suffering from back pain, sciatica and leg pains.

The Pros:

  • The program contains high-quality content that is easy to understand. I was delighted with the quality of the videos, the ability to download clear instructions of exercises in pdf. There is no hot tub; Ian begins to treat his pain.
  • Custom coaching sessions. It is simply difficult to find a good professional in the market. The ability to see a good therapist on the phone helped me.
  • Method co-created by an award-winning Serbian sports scientist. I had never seen anything similar to these exercises.
  • Does not require equipment or gym membership
  • No surgeries or drugs.

The cons:

  • You must spend time checking the equipment and doing the exercises daily. This should not be a problem if you want permanent relief.


My Back Pain Coach is a comprehensive guide. This program is best for you as it was written by a professional doctor who himself suffered from back pain – Dr Ian Hart. The method gave effective results. This motivated him to go ahead and compile this program so that others can also get benefits from the content. My Back Pain Coach takes a unique approach when it helps people overcome the pain of sciatica. It focuses a lot on restoring the natural balance that our body without knowing had lost naturally. As a result, I found no side effects while following the program. My body did not feel as relaxed after following the program. Button

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