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Mindset is Key to Success

I think Bruce Lee was an amazing person, I am not exactly a superfan or anything like that but I acknowledge his special talents, his incredible abilities and his astute teachings and wisdom.

I recently did a short post about him on his birthday 27th November on Instagram. If you are reading this and go there now do not expect any activity for a few days as Instagram have blocked my ass, again, something like the sixth time since August grrr. If you think that is annoying, I am currently locked out of my facebook page as well! I have ads running there and I cannot even turn them off! It really is a joke.

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes Mr Bruce Lee, massive respect, I have seen many of his films but not for many years, I think his films were mainly just a means to an end, to introduce martial arts to the masses in the western world but mainly to earn himself an income.

With his body he mastered his craft, martial arts but to master your body you must first master your mind, your inner being and from his legacy, his quotes and teachings, you can observe there was and is much you can learn from him


As you think, so shall you become


To become complete as a person it is necessary to focus on, improve and master the three entities.. body, mind and soul and without meeting him I would say if any one person managed to do this then Bruce Lee was that man.

In these modern times we have access instantly to so much information and any google search will reveal an abundance of words of wisdom from this one man who I believe had a serene mental toughness and spiritual calmness that helped him to become the man he was.


Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.

I have chosen as the main image his quote about defeat as it syncs with my own understanding and belief. 

When we have a task to accomplish or a goal to achieve, there may be tools we need to get the job done. If there is a journey we need to take there is a route me must take planned or otherwise and there can be many factors that determine whether or not we achieve our goals or accomplish success.


It is just like starting a race, we get the gear we need, our running kit, running shoes and we approach the starting post but there is one thing we must have, one thing that could be the difference between success and failure.


The correct mindset.


You see, the race, is not exactly a race, as in you are not competing with others, you are competing with yourself. It does not matter how long it takes for you to cross the finish line, all that matters is that you finish and whilst the body is willing, it is your mind that holds the key.

You cannot fail unless you give up or time itself expires


A positive mindset is of course important but it is not enough, it is enough to get you to the starting post, it is enough to begin the race but without self belief and determination your chances of success are reduced.

As in life, many such tasks or goals, en route there are obstacles, problems, yes it is an obstacle race. Our success depends on our desire and ability to encounter and overcome the obstacles in our path.

When you find no solution to a problem, then it is probably not a problem to be solved, rather a reality to be accepted


That one’s mine lol. 


A problem can be a hurdle, a hill or a mountain but ALL are surmountable and whether or not we overcome depends entirely on us, if there is a will, if there is desire, if there is determination because let’s face it many of us will give up when we try to overcome and do not mange to do it.

Dont’t try, do or do not

Man, I could recall so many quotes on this topic, this one is Yoda Jedi Master (those Jedi masters really know there stuff btw).

Anyone can have a dream

With desire and visualisation a dream can become a goal but desire alone is only enough to get you to the starting post.

Take your desire, pour in your self belief, add in your positive mindset and determination

and nothing can stop you


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