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When British Railways operated the British rail system, I became familiar with the term “mind the gap”. I often heard concerned adults telling young people to watch your steps. Those who want to take responsibility often say “I have you in mind” or appropriate words.

Take care of your way

Take care of your way. Take care of yourself. If you can do something with your mind, you will find that you are always at the top. Your mind will always give the impetus. Your mind motivates you. Staying motivated removes fear and doubt.

It has something to do with raising our hands in worship. We raise our hands in challenges. Our raised hands are a sacrifice to the Lord. When my little one wants to be carried, her hands go up. These are often unexpected moments in public. What is in the head motivates the actions. Take care of your way.

Proper use of a tool is essential for effective results. It is more difficult to overcome misuse than to ensure correct use for the first time. The mind is the most powerful tool that is given to us. Everyone is born with a personal will that determines where his mind goes and what actions are determined.

When we are born into this physical realm, we build our relationship with our environment by training our physical senses. Yet we are spirit beings who live in physical bodies. Through careful observation, we become more and more effective in our results and relationships. All of this happens through the freedom of choice of each individual. Take care of your way.

Use your mind. See yourself as God sees you. Look at the mirror of God – his written word. Call out things that don’t exist. Study the scriptures to fill and nourish your mind. Take care of your way. Restore these things that concern you through the words of God that are reflected in your mind by expressing them with your mouth. That is true meditation and confession. Say the same things as God’s Word in accordance with your human spirit.

“I am the way, the truth and the life.” Jesus said this when he walked on earth as a son of man. Jesus said that the father in him did the work. I assume that His miracles lived in Him through the action of the Holy Spirit. More on that on another day.

Don’t let circumstances determine your reactions and direction in life. Make the choice that only what God has deposited in your mind will be demonstrated by you. Mind your path and express what the Spirit of God has imprinted on your spirit.

Man was created in the spirit in the image and likeness of God. Then his body was molded from the dust of the floor. The breath of God then gave him life. More on that on another day

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