May 26th: Emily Hutchinson on “How to Apply Psychology to Boost Your Business”

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Emily Hutchinson, Chartered Occupational Psychologist

Our Guest on Episode 41 of Business Breakfast TV is Emily Hutchinson on “Applying psychology to boost your business: how taking a strengths-based approach leads to sustainable change”

All businesses have something in common – they rely on people.  People who think, make decisions, influence, and behave in certain ways.  Yet, most businesses are not designed or run according to the way that people actually operate. This leads to inefficiencies, wasted time and money, ill-health, and ultimately poor business performance.

Emily Hutchinson, a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, will share the psychology behind the strengths-based approach and how it can be applied in practice. She, and her colleague Caroline Brown, have worked with a range of businesses for over 25 years and will share their experience of helping create successful, high-performing, and healthy organisations.

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