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Live for yourself. Your body is your right to be in this physical area. Nobody else has a greater responsibility to take care of it. Prioritizing building an effective foundation is critical to a durable structure. So it is with you.

You can only give what you have in you. Live for yourself. Build yourself strong first. Imagine what happens when the foundations of a structure are missing parts that were designed in them. This is what happens when the guidance of others distracts you from taking care of your body, your safety, and your growth.

Too often we are drawn to the demands of others. It is sad when this leads to a breakdown of our own affairs. Those who come from an aspirational environment are often exposed to more stress than most others who meet the expectations of others.

I once heard the story of a young man who graduated with flying colors only to leave the meeting his parents made to celebrate with amazing words. He actually told his parents that he would not practice medicine since he had only done the course for them. After we qualified for the course, he felt free to pursue his own dreams.

Mental illness can be triggered by circumstances beyond your control when you are worried and worried. We are in control of how we react to situations. Others can only learn what we are made of when challenges arise from our answers. If we lead our lives according to others’ expectations, we become less resilient. We can be worn out more easily.

How people weather the current pandemic may depend on how they prioritize themselves. When the actions of others determine how we lead our lives, we are on the way to living for them and not for ourselves. Images of people in crowded environments causing us not to take proper precautions have most likely led to the reintroduction of lockdown measures in some areas.

People who like us often come from a strong need for approval from those who are important to us. This gets complicated when we don’t know why they are important to us. Live for yourself – it doesn’t have to be selfish. I compare this to interdependence rather than dependency. I compare selfishness to extreme independence.

Uncertainties and risks are encountered while navigating life. Let’s not resign or abdicate due to outside pressure or take responsibility for sitting in the driver’s seat of our lives.

Next time we will examine how we often live to our disadvantage for others without realizing it.

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