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Society has as many rules as we should be as human beings. They tell us what hairstyle we should have, what clothes we should wear, what kind of car we should drive …

It’s like the ticker tape on the New York Stock Exchange. It goes on and on. Wondering, will it ever end?

Well, I confess that I was a bad girl. I broke the rules. I have learning difficulties. I’ve had it since I was five. I’m in my 40s now.

Now I can gather information fairly quickly, but it is a completely different story to be able to maintain it. It’s like a name you want to remember so much. You can see her face, but damn it if you can’t remember what it is!

It affects my math skills. Let me just say that I am very grateful that the calculator was invented and I am definitely not the person asking for some algebra formula. I’ll say, “What on earth are you talking about?”

It also affects my fine motor skills. For example, I can’t tie my shoes, so I’m wearing Velcro, zippers, or loafers. But I can only type with a few fingers. The rest was on the keyboard. It’s a little annoyance, but I can definitely work with it.

Society has had this belief that people with learning difficulties are a lost cause. We should forget about it. We are utter idiots. You wonder why we’re here at all. I was there in several ways. I have dealt with all kinds of discrimination and rejection. I’ve heard all sorts of versions of “Amy can’t do it, Amy can’t do it” for most of my life.

I am embarrassed to admit that I have believed all these lies for so many years … hook, line and sinker! I wasted the first half of my adult life basically driving idle. I had goals and dreams, but I didn’t pursue them as hard as I should.

It wasn’t until the COVID19 pandemic occurred that I realized what a big mistake I was making. In these extraordinary times, I was seriously looking for souls. I finally realized that believing in the negativity that others want to impose on you is a waste of time. It happens to all of us. There will always be someone who does not accept or approve of us. We can do anything under the sun to get them to do this, but I just want to tell you everything …

It’s just not worth it. It really is not.

I have had a career as a writer. My specialty is inspiration and motivation. I want to share the lessons I’ve learned with the world. I want to help others assure that life tends to really, really stink.

Despite all of this, we should recover and just stick on!

By Amy Temple

Amy is a writer / blogger who specializes in inspiration and motivation and regularly posts articles on numerous websites and blogs in Germany and abroad.

She is the author of the memoir “I’m not stupid”, which deals with life with learning difficulties and which is available on Amazon.

Amy is from Indiana and now lives in Florida.

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