June 23rd: Daniel Priestley on “How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids”

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Daniel Priestley, Co-Founder & CEO, Dent Global

Some kids grow up ready to take on the world. They have the attitude, the skills and can spot opportunities that are right for them. They are excited about life, they are prepared, and know they will handle whatever life throws their way.

Raising a child with an awareness of entrepreneurship and the associated skills can change their lives for the better even if they don’t start or scale a business. At the very least, the same set of skills will steer them towards opportunities that are right for them.

In your child’s career, they will work with people from all over the world, they will encounter incredibly complex problems, they will be displaced, they will be isolated from their neighborhood friendship groups at times and they will have to navigate this fast-changing landscape using their whits. Entrepreneurial skills like pitching, pivoting, and acceding resources beyond your control will be essential in everyone’s working life.

In this talk you’ll hear how to:

1. Develop an entrepreneur mindset

2. Introduce entrepreneurial skills

3. Give them real-world opportunities

4. Mentor them (rather than teach)

Entrepreneurship isn’t about balance sheets and profit targets, it’s about serving others in a scalable and sustainable way. It’s about finding solutions to complex problems and enrolling others into your vision. As humanity comes closer and closer to the edge of what’s possible and what’s wise, more than ever we will need people who are ready to lead in a world that has difficult decisions. 

The entrepreneurial skills you develop in your child today might be the key to them having a great career, starting a game-changing business, or solving a meaningful problem at scale.

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