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“What do you mean it’s all in my head!!?”

“Hey, wait a minute, you right, it is in my head”

Mental Illness, it is an affliction that you cannot see, there are no wounds, no scars.

The scars are inside.

Inside your mind.

When the scars are inside, often they are the hardest to heal, indeed they may never heal, memories stay with us forever.

How do you cure mental illness?

If you break your arm, it will heal, an infection, take some medication, a serious illness? Even surgery is available.


That is tricky.

The mind is an amazing thing, the most complex, intricate and complicated thing known to mankind.

More memory and power than the most expensive computer

With unlimited depth and capability.

It is unique, unique to us, its design and inner workings, only we can know.

The truth is only we can cure ourselves, other people can only help us to help ourselves.

It is the one illness that medication cannot cure, medication does not fill in the cracks, merely spreads paper over them.

Cast out all negative thoughts and only positive will remain

Whilst the above is invariably true, it ain’t easy but it can be done.

My analogy for depression is to imagine your mind is the engine of a car and if you drive you will be familiar with this.

It develops a problem, you can hear it but yet the car drives on so you ignore it.

Another problem occurs and you can feel the car driving not so well but it still is okay so you continue.

Then another problem

and another..

and another and suddenly the car is driving quite poorly but still you continue, you need to get where you are going




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