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Ruby offers some fun ways to keep your mind active if you’re having trouble during the lockout.

– Ruby

Lockdown was announced on March 23, and people may find it difficult to be positive when they run out of new things. From my experience as a peer mentor, I understand that this can currently affect many students. Having meaning and purpose is important for our well-being, so boredom over a long period of time can have a negative impact on our mood. While many of us are physically separated from friends and family, it is important to have hobbies or activities that we can participate in and enjoy. Here I share some things that, from my experience as a peer mentor, can be helpful to promote mental wellbeing.

Connect with people

Design a quiz for the people in your household. Or even run a zoom quiz. This way, everyone can be together and connect at the same time.

Be physically active

Go for a walk and use an app to count how many steps you take and set goals! This has helped me end the day and feel more productive and energetic when I return home.

Learn new skills

Learn a new language. Create your resume with free online courses. The Open University offers many free courses that may be relevant to your field or even something you always wanted to know more about! This not only helped me with my degree and my future work academically, but also expanded my knowledge of topics that I would normally not deal with during my studies and work.

Give to others

Could you volunteer time to help someone? I kept in touch with my mentees during the block and supported them at home. This made me proud to help people during the closure.

Pay attention to the current moment

Take your time to think and practice mindfulness. Reflection is very important in my studies, so I took the opportunity to keep a diary of what I did and how I felt during the day. I will then be able to read this in the future to see what I did during the ban.

Write a bucket list

Design a bucket list that explains what you want to do when the lock is complete. This may be going to a certain place with a friend or to your favorite restaurant. This allowed me to plan activities to take place after the lockout expired, and provided me with things to look forward to.

Other things you could do to practice self-care and enjoy yourself may include:

  • Get stuck in a good book

  • Create a motivational playlist

  • Get creative and draw

  • Tidy up your room

  • Have a pampering night

  • Watch a documentary, listen to podcasts

Since I will be in my last year of study in September, I also thought about my dissertation. So I made a list of potential topics and started doing research. If you’re in a position similar to mine, this may be a great way to prepare!

It is now more important than ever to take action to ensure your well-being. These tips can help you stay busy, take care of yourself, and achieve better mental wellbeing.

Visit the Student Minds website for more information on maintaining your mental wellbeing during the block.

Hello! My name is Ruby and I am 20 years old. I am studying at a university in Kent and have just finished the last of my essays from home – the second year is over now! I wanted to deal with this blog because I am studying for a BA in consulting, coaching and mentoring and my goal is to become an integrative consultant.

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