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Thank you in all things. As you read this, be grateful that you are not one of the more than half a million deaths from the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.

We thank that only 1% of active Covid 19 cases are critical at the time of writing. Thank you in all things.

Thank you in all things

When I drove to Thanksgiving service today, I saw that many restaurants were open. In two in particular, quite a number of people sat outdoors. I noticed that one was no different from normal times until Zoe noticed a sign reading “Way In Only” and wondered where the way out was. I probably answered on the other corner of the street. Thank you in all things.

We also thank that the overall pandemic death rate is currently around 8% and is falling. Three weeks ago it was over 11%. But God chose the foolish things in the world to shame the wise. God chose the weak things in the world to shame the strong.

Good news regarding herd immunity is also included. Yesterday we came across a report that parts of New York had achieved 68% immunity to Covid 19. This suggests that they could be protected from future infections.

Not surprisingly, there were a number of testimonials to thank for. Many of them came from key workers. A key worker who checked all boxes as susceptible to Covid 19 tested positive for the antibodies, but never got sick, while other colleagues, including a boss, became serious victims of Covid-19. Do not worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and request, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

On the way on Friday evening, I observed many pubs on street corners with many customers. We thank that economic activities return to our lives. Thanksgiving brings us to a place with countless possibilities.

A number of people I know in the UK have lost their jobs and businesses. We thank you for the measures to protect many. It could have been terribly worse. Small businesses created within six months of the pandemic outbreak were hardest hit. Nevertheless, we thank in all things.

I had bloodshot eyes recently. This is the worst time I need medical attention. After the nearby family raised the alarm, especially in the medical field, I looked for a way to get medical help to address any concerns.

The first one-to-one assessment, to my relief, was classified as no emergency. When the more professional in the loop expressed further concern as my eye blushed, I secured an appointment outside of business hours. The concern was that an infection could cause blindness if not treated immediately.

On the way to the appointment, I waited for instructions on the social distance measures that apply to the appointment. I was called by the doctor who referred us directly to the next A&E.

My little one wanted to miss school the next morning. I haven’t been to A&E in over a decade. Fortunately, Zoe drives, so parking wasn’t a complication to the speed of reporting. We thank in all things.

When I arrived in the A&E foyer, the social distance measures were immediately clear to me. I was given a mask to replace the makeshift one from my scarf.

I was seen in half an hour. When examined with special equipment, a subconjugative blood pulse was diagnosed and luckily no infection. A temperature test confirmed the normal temperature. A blood pressure check showed the comment “perfect”. I thank you in all things.

A week later my eye color is back to normal. There was no medication to take – just eye ointment. With pleasure I draw water from the healing springs.

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