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Don’t let false promises catch you! Learn how to recognize unsustainable diets and prioritize your health and happiness in this new year

We all know the exercise. The new year is just around the corner and suddenly we are bombarded with “New Year, New You” advertising campaigns promising the latest diet is guaranteed to change your body and life.

The hard truth is that most diets just don’t work. Not just because they may be factually inaccurate or intended for mass consumption rather than individuals, but also because they tend to prioritize self-punishing, short-term visions over long-term happiness and sustainability.

With the help of registered nutritionist Michaella Mazzoni, we’re exploring four ways to find a fashion diet so you can save time, money and make real, long-lasting positive changes – the right way.

The unreliable source

In this information age, we have access to a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips. While this allows us to find the help and support we are looking for, it can also be a danger when it comes to dieting.

“Look at the source of the information,” says Michaella. “Is the person behind the nutrition advice you will be following qualified? Is an influencer or company trying to sell you a magic tea that will benefit them? “

Take some time on the diet you just came across and you may find that not everything is exactly as it seems. And while sponsorship offers can be a great way to learn about new products, beware of hype and over-promises.

The quick fix

“If a diet promises you will lose more than two pounds a week, close this tab and move on! It is simply unhealthy to lose large amounts of weight in a short amount of time,” explains Michaella.

It’s something we’ve all come across: the wonder drug that transforms your body in just a few simple steps. However, this is rarely the case. Long-lasting changes are gradual and usually related to the habits we break and adopt in our daily lives rather than a sudden change.

On the one hand, “quick fix” diets can lead to disappointment and a lack of motivation as we don’t see the expected results. At the other end, we can get into unhealthy areas and put our body under stress that it shouldn’t be.


Promising changes in body shape

The ideal body type is constantly changing – just flip the history books to see how bodies have been celebrated and demonized one by one over time. Even so, it doesn’t seem to stop dieting campaigns from promising to give you the shape currently in vogue – an accomplishment that just isn’t possible.

“While we can change the composition of our body fat and work on strengthening certain parts of the body, there is no magical diet that can dramatically change your body shape. This is determined by your skeletal frame, not your diet, ”says Michaella.

Ultimately, our bodies are not fashion accessories, but vital vessels that carry us through life, and diets that promise to fundamentally change them not only have a basic understanding of biology, but also perpetuate beauty standards that will become one in a few decades be distant memories.

Beware of “bad” foods

“In my book, any diet that promotes negativity about certain foods is not going to be helpful to your sanity or your relationship with food,” says Michaella. “Demonizing certain foods only makes you feel guilty if you eventually eat a brownie (you’re only human!), Which upholds the nutritional culture and makes it difficult to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.”

And not only that, but different bodies need different things. Instead of following strict rules about what you can and can’t eat, look for food types – Nutritionist-resource.org.uk has hundreds of expert articles on just that – and find a plan that works for you and your lifestyle Body.

Michaella is a nutrition therapist, supports intestinal health and offers a practical and realistic approach to nutrition. You can learn more about diet culture and connect with a nutritionist at Nutritionist-resource.org.uk

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