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You have watched the video, you know what this is all about, there are three main causes, three huge problems that face mankind.

Children – This is easy enough for all to comprehend and one acute problem that can be solved with money alone, it costs so much to feed a hungry child, to provide necessary medicine, or clean water, to provide infrastructure so that for future generations charity is no longer required, yes money can do this.

Cancer – There are many cancer charities, to help those afflicted but also to fund more research to find those oh so elusive cures for the different types of cancer out there. Will more money bring about a cure? Well, the truth is of course it will bring it closer, with increased research funding much sooner will a cure be achieved.

Climate Change – This is the real scary one, if the reports are true, you know the alarming ones then we could be in deep deep trouble. Reverse climate change using satellite technology? Sounds a bit sci fi doesn’t it? The truth is there are many scientists working on such projects and it doesn’t really matter if you do not believe it is not possible, why not just let them continue? It must make sense to proceed in exploring technology that could potentially save us from harm especially when it does not cost us anything.

Let’s forget about this for a moment, let’s concentrate on the problems we can actually see, problems that can be solved with money alone.

In our consumer led economies we generate millions of tonnes of rubbish, we make stuff, wrap it up in more stuff and when we have finished we throw it away and bury it underground, we all know there has got to be a better way and future generations will look down on us as irresponsible, wasteful, lazy, even contemptible.

We have moved forward in recent years, now we recycle but the reality is most falls through the net, the richer nations just cannot be bothered to recycle it all and regularly we load it onto boats and ship mountains of garbage to poorer nations and much of it even ends up in our oceans storing up problems for the future. Recently I watched a news report about the River Nile and mountains of rubbish could be seen floating along the water and into the sea. We hate it, locals hate it, governments hate it but let’s face it, in our lives we have much more pressing problems to deal with, there just isn’t the will or the money to solve these problems.

I am a firm believer in the concept that whatever can be made, can be unmade, there are very few products or packaging for products that cannot be made in a sustainable way, that can be unmade, or recycled but the truth is it is not profitable and if it is not profitable then it is not viable.

 Money, it is all about money, with enough money proper recycling can take place, recycling plants can be built, projects and organisations can be instigated to clean up our rivers and oceans, nearly all of us do care, even those that say they do not, no one wants to hear that millions of creatures in our oceans are dying through our neglect and pollution.

The truth is, no we cannot change the past, we can only learn from the past to make the future better. In the future we will learn to take care of those most vulnerable, we will find cures to the many diseases including cancer and we will learn to live more sustainably and begin to clean up after ourselves and all this campaign is about is making us realise that we can make a real start right now, not years in the future and it will cost us very little.

Let’s begin, we owe it to our children, to all the children, to ourselves.

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