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L.ight is synonymous with hope. So when someone cries over their dark days, you know what they fear to lose. In these difficult times, I don’t believe that light – hope – has been extinguished. Let’s talk about how we can bring it into our darkest days …

She concluded by saying that her faith will be tested. The context for your comment? “… my emotional / mental state in these dark days!”

It has been the same exercise every week for the past three months. I think about what I’m going to write about and say to myself, “Not that.” “That” is – make your choice – the pandemic, civil unrest and violence, political brickwork and other inconveniences.

I do it anyway every week because I refuse to ignore the emotional and mental ramifications of time and turn my back on you.

By the way, “that” is inevitable. “That” drives mood, fear and peace of mind. “That” is the puppet master of the day.

“That’s a shame.

Your “dark days”

On the inspire4u Facebook page last week, a woman commented on the article: Are you suicidal? Someone you know Read this.

She wrote about finding peace, comfort, and guidance through prayer; and allow how God was their only true hope for their life path. She concluded by saying that her faith will be tested. The context for your comment? “… my emotional / mental state in these dark days!”

In response, I confirmed that we all pass a great test. And I said that we will manage to work hard and hold on to the faith. And we will do it.

I told her I was glad she opened her heart because people need to know that they are not alone, including her. Finally, I thanked her for sharing her spirit. And when I recognized the dark days, I assured her that the light shines bright.

She thanked me and said she had to hear what I had to say. Then she passed on God’s blessings. It was a sweet exchange.

“The light shines brightly.” How should i know

COVID-19 and mental health

The light shines brightly. Always will.

So our commentator wrote: “… in these dark days!” And considering all of her comment, it is obvious that she is struggling.

She was satisfied with my answer and said she had to hear it. But you could pretty much ask me …

“Where do you get off and tell her the light is shining brightly?” “How do you know?”

Now I’m going to ask you something. Do we always see things as they really are in bitter times?

I bet most of us think we’re looking at things carefully. But maybe it would help if we looked at this more as a matter of perception. The fact is, perception can be a product of all sorts of things – personality traits, belief systems, and cognitive bias, to name a few.

So who knows? For example, our commentator’s observation of dark days could be based on the fact that he is inherently pessimistic, a belief system that may require adjustment, polarized thinking and / or over-generalization.

Any of them can change the view. And when two or more are involved, reality itself can be questioned.

That’s why I boldly told her that the light shines brightly. She may not be able to see or feel it right now – I see. But the light – the hope – wasn’t suddenly extinguished. Can not happen.

How we can bring light into our darkest days

You know I guess it might not be about shedding light on our darkest days. Maybe it’s about rediscovering light that never really went away. And believe me, rediscovering is a much easier task than creation – finding something that never was.

In this case, I’m not going to complicate your life by introducing “x” different ways to shed light on your darkest days. It’s actually a lot easier.

Take the time to chat to yourself and ask these questions …

  • Is it possible that the light permanently went goodbye?
  • In these dire times, is it possible for things like personality traits, belief systems, and cognitive biases to peak and cause a changed point of view or questionable reality?
  • Knowing that you have a mood or anxiety disorder, what experiences have you had with changed attitudes and questionable reality?

When the chat is over, objectively reevaluate the validity of your dark days. Sure, I know what you’re feeling, but is light really lost forever?

I think you will find that your circumstances are probably not as bad as you might think. And when the dots connect, there comes light – and hope. It may not seem as bright as you’d like, but give it time. Before you know it you’re going to soak it like our friend and her mate upstairs.

How can that not be true?

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