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By Amelia Evans

It is rare for someone to have perfect mental health. Life will serve us with blows to our ego that can affect our sanity, even when we have every intention of living a full life. However, faith leads to victory.

There are many things we habitually do or go through that are slowly undermining our sanity, such as: B. comparing ourselves to other people, telling ourselves that we are not good enough, being obsessed with what others say about us, having family disputes or being bullied at school or work, the pain we like from losses may experience the loss of a loved one, family problems, or feelings of isolation like what is happening now that most of us cannot meet family or friends.

There are many factors that lead to mental health deterioration which, if not activated, can lead to mental illness. Medication may help, but belief and spirituality have been shown to be beneficial for mental health.

Here are 4 reasons that show believing in something can be helpful in overcoming challenges:

1 roadmap

Most of the world’s religions and beliefs have core doctrines. They are a guide on how to live a full and meaningful life. It usually teaches about compassion, life lessons, forgiveness, and gratitude, which most of the time are not taught in school. Some may view these as best practices, and they contribute to life goals that most of us strive for.

2 unity with the environment

Sometimes we feel out of sync with life. This feeling of disagreement can keep us from being our best selves or from finding ways to live better lives. It prevents us from finding the good life has to offer and closes us off from possibilities. When we experience losses in life at times, this sense of belonging can be supportive and aid recovery.

3 Reduces anxiety

Faith helps us feel that we are not alone. With loneliness, you may feel like you have no choice but to move on or just stop everything altogether and stop whatever we are doing. When we are afraid, we can make decisions and actions that we may regret in the future. We make the best decisions when we are calm and belief can help us achieve that feeling of calm.

4 sense of community

Most faiths practice communal worship. You may not have good connections with people from school or work, but being in a community of similar or identical beliefs can have positive mental and physical effects on your health. We all want to be part of it. It is a basic need for every person. Research has shown that a lack of it can lead to smoking, high blood pressure, and obesity.

Feeling connected with other people also lowers the rate of depression and anxiety. When we feel love and belonging, then we do better. Children do better in school. A person can work better.

Some of us may face mental health challenges or even mental illness, but with encouragement, the right resources, support, and faith, there is hope. We all have something to live with – our goals, our families, our life’s work. Life events can give us some blows. We may get hurt, but faith can guide us, calm us down, and give us direction to overcome our struggles.

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Amelia is part of The Long Reach’s content team and works for various international brands. When Amelia isn’t doing research and writing, all she loves is going to the country for some downtime

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