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We are human beings, we are not perfect, and it is this imperfection that makes us human, that makes us unique, individually and collectively. Let’s face it, as a race we are capable of some truly amazing things, great accomplishments and acts of love and kindness but to every coin there are two sides and we can be selfish, irresponsible and destructive. This is the ongoing challenge we face but we should never despair because it is our nature to thrive when faced with challenge and always there is hope that good will prevail over not so good.

No, we are far from perfect and the world is far from perfect but I do believe the overwhelming majority of people harbour positive intentions and if we can find a way to harness this then this can become an irresistible force for positive change.

I am the author, I am human and no, I also am not perfect, I like many do not regularly donate to charity, so there are many who are better than me but I have a conscience, I do care, the adverts that have played throughout my life showing starving and sick children do pull at my heart strings as I am sure they do to you too. If I was confronted by a sick or hungry child I would do all I could, give all to help that child and only a tiny minority I think would not.

I am a straight talking more practical type of person and the truth is most of us do not give because the problems are ‘so far away’ and really, what good does some spare change do to alleviate the problems? Those who do give to charity and are not wealthy would disagree and they would be right to disagree because in years gone by millions upon millions of dollars has been raised from ordinary people and many lives will have been saved so if you are one of these people then you are a real credit to the human race.

When I see an advert I just wish I was a billionaire, I wish I could walk in there and instantly change things for the better because let’s face it, good intentions and goodwill go only so far, these are modern times and above all else it is money and only money that can really change things.

Let us take a minute, let us focus instead on the majority who do not regularly give to charity, we are not bad people, we are just entwined with problems in our own individual lives, this does not mean we do not care. If you asked any of the billions involved if they had a magic wand and they could end the unnecessary suffering of children just by waving it you have to agree only the hardest of hearts would refuse this, it could only be a hateful and dark person who would say no, these are children, true innocents, if not the adults to care then who?

This is what this campaign is all about, it is not to pull at heart strings to raise money, it is to cure or to solve an abject problem, a problem that for the human race is a great shame, an embarrassment, that children could be dying of hunger whilst many live in luxury.

This campaign is not about the few people doing a lot, it is about the many doing very little, almost equivalent to ‘waving a wand’. What does it cost to simply ‘like’ a post or to submit an email address? The reality is this is all that is needed. For this campaign to work all that is needed is the support of the people, people power, after all, is the strongest of all.

We are individual but together we are one. We are not perfect but overwhelmingly we are more good than we are bad, we are more positive than we are negative and it is this moreover than anything that endear us as ‘perfectly imperfect’.

It may be believed that now would be such a bad time to instigate a campaign such as this whilst the world is gripped by the ongoing pandemic, a time when individuals and businesses alike are struggling. The reality is societies are ‘rebooting’ and by taking a different approach only then is it possible to emerge with a new updated ‘operating system’, emerge stronger, more secure, more humane, to grow wealth once again but to widen the safety net, so as to protect and care for all the children of this world, that we might feel better about ourselves and ease the consciences of us all.

Though the concept is relatively simple, I am sure there are many unforeseen complexities, all of which can be solved through positivity. This is just the beginning, it is always the only place to start, from the smallest seed can emerge the strongest of trees. The aim now is to gather support, to gain awareness, to bring in individuals who are much better at hosting campaigns than I am. As stated in the video, this campaign does not belong to us, it belongs to us all.

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