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Have you ever been in a position where you couldn’t forgive yourself? There is something you have done that seems to haunt you, leaving you with shame, guilt, or regret.

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Imagine Peter, one of the apostles of Jesus. He had been with his master closely for over three years. Peter promised to give his life when Jesus spoke of his impending death.

A few hours later, Peter was confronted with the reality of his words. He could not believe that his master was standing there helplessly while everyone was alternately abusing and beating him. Peter had tried to defend Jesus by cutting off one of the attackers’ ears just so that Jesus could put the criminal’s ears back on!

Astonished, Peter sat by the fire and warned himself. He trembled not only from the cold of the night, but also from the disgusting events that were taking place in front of him. Then Peter is asked about his relationship with Jesus.

He hits his chest and swears that he has never been with Jesus. One, two, three times … then the rooster crows. Peter remembers the words that Jesus had spoken earlier. Peter had just denied Jesus. Peter went out crying bitterly and full of shame.

That same night, Judas, another student, discovers that his conspiracy has gone too far. He had only wanted a few pieces of silver. He had thought that Jesus had done one of these tempting miracles, fled and resumed them all from where they left off, and forgave him seventy times seven. But now this man was almost beaten to death.


Interestingly, you couldn’t be ashamed and hanged yourself, Judas. The other was ashamed of himself, but lived to tell the story. Thank God, Peter did this because when Jesus rose again, he gave specific instructions for the good news that should be shared with his disciples and PETER (Mark 16:17).

Washed away

Jesus mentioned the name of Peter so that Peter knew that he was forgiven and restored. That the blood had washed away all shame and regret (see Isaiah 1:18).

There is no sin in this world that is too dirty for the blood. The blood took care of EVERYTHING on the cross. Judas would have been restored, but didn’t stand a chance. The devil wants you to believe that your sin cannot be forgiven. Do not allow him to whisper these lies.


The devil is proud and as soon as you start thinking, tell God that the blood does not “cleanse” enough. That your constant shame and regret has a higher price than blood. It is ultimately pride disguised as remorse. Hard words, but this is Satan’s strategy to make you feel guilty. Learn to forgive yourself.

Now accept God’s forgiveness. Jesus has already paid the price.

Thought for the day

A pot that has been used and then washed is a clean pot. You don’t have to buy a new pot the next time you cook or wash the pot endlessly. Likewise, you are a new vessel in Christ, blood washed and just in God. Accept it, forgive yourself and keep going!

Adapted from “Despite mental illness: a 31-day prayer”

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