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This is a war, a battle and like any battle the desire is to win, to defeat the enemy. That enemy is Coronavirus and at the moment the human race is getting its ass kicked.

Is it not time to fight back?

Here contained is a letter, indeed an action plan, it will detail the strength and the weakness of the ‘enemy’ how to protect yourself and how it can be beaten, it fills the many holes in the advice and guidelines issued by the authorities. Read it, think about it and you will understand all that I mean, it just makes sense, much common sense with a touch of science.

The date is now March 25th 2020 and yes I did ignore the advice of friends and I did pose as a courier to try to deliver to 10 Downing Street London on the Saturday before. Before I left I realised I had less than 2% chance of persuading the fully armed police men to take my letter but sometimes when you are trying to find your way out of a maze it becomes necessary to know 100% where the ‘dead ends’ are. I had to try as hour by hour day by day people are suffering, people are dying.

In life, time is our companion, in this war against this disease, time very much is against us and as most of us are told to run and hide many of us brave souls tend to the wounded and bury the dead.

This ‘letter’ hastily compiled now goes as an email to British Politicians and soon to those in America as I predicted it is the very largest cities by population and major destination that may suffer the most and the latest is that one of if not the greatest city New York faces great peril and until someone takes notice I cannot stop.

Not yet enough ‘traffic’ here for this post to do any good but you never know and it cannot hurt so here is the letter in its entirety as no time to rewrite it.

If you are a person of influence please read it, do not dismiss it, understand and comprehend and act on it and remember that the enemy Covid – 19 is actually very weak as it can be defeated with just soap and water or disinfectant and in any battle it is always wise to attack at its weakest point.

If you have just stumbled along and cannot be bothered or do not have time to read, if I could sum up in one sentence how to protect yourself in one sentence it would be..


(To discover all high risk points that pose a risk skip through to the bullet points)


I am a retired virologist with more than 35 years experience. I wholeheartedly believe government advice is wholly insufficient and following the guidelines within this report will slow the spread of Coronavirus if not halt it. Please do not dismiss it but at least read it in its entirety and reach your own inevitable conclusions


As Coronavirus is a new virus none have immunity therefore it is obvious the entire population are susceptible to infection and unfortunately this virus is highly contagious, fortunately the percentage mortality rate is low but this is small comfort. It is small comfort because as the whole population are susceptible then that ‘low’ percentage rate equates to a very significantly high number of people in a short space of time, too short for any unprepared health service

1 person infects 2, 2 infects 4, 8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048,4096,8192,


8388608,16777216,33554432,67108864,134217728,268435456,536870912,1 Billion +.

This exercise is merely to demonstrate how a pandemic can take hold very quickly. No virus will follow such a precise linear pattern this is purely an example but it is important to note Covid-19 is more virulent than this, please keep reading. The above example is based on a centralised population and thankfully though highly populated the population of this planet is somewhat spread out, unfortunately with our desire for air travel the widespread nature of today’s world population is brought together that much closer.

The very worrying aspect of this is the city of London which is very centralised and densely populated, without the imposition of tactics detailed in this report we will see a dramatic rise in the infection rate and mortality rate, unfortunately this is likely to catch up to the rates currently being experienced in Italy and indeed will surpass it and could become a new epicentre.

To stem the spread, it becomes necessary to interrupt the above pattern and it has been proven that from point of infection to full recovery can take up to 14days which equates to key information and subsequently there are many measures that can be taken and are being taken with differing levels of effectiveness.

This epidemic began in China and with long distance travel it has spread to far away countries, otherwise it spreads outwards throughout the continents and the UK within this timeline is a few weeks behind the likes of Italy or Spain, who are behind China.

It is important to realise that China cannot be used as a model, they have interrupted the pattern using draconian measures that would not be used in a democratic free society. For western Europe the model is Italy which I suspected and has proven to exceed the infection and mortality rate of China and will continue to rise .

Coronavirus is spread from person to person, this is fact, the incubation period is up to 14 days, this also is fact. Therefore, it becomes easy to halt the spread and China has discovered this. Quite simply keep all the people separate from each other for 14 days and any new entry to undergo quarantine for 14days. The answer is simple but applying it is not but is much easier where personal freedom is restricted by the state. For instance, any similar pandemic will never take hold in a country such as North Korea and I would suspect there are zero cases there.

This, without an effective cure or vaccine is the only effective strategy, to restrict the movement of the population and it is 100% effective if undertaken with robust vigilance. The problem is that many nations are not using the robust vigilance necessary and indeed cannot.

Following this timeline, the other alternative is much more terrible, without controlling the movement and interaction of people the resulting outcome is we then move forward to a ‘herd immunity’. The hope that when it has spread to the majority and they adopt immunity they will cease to spread it and it will fizzle out. Unfortunately because this is a new disease immunity is not guaranteed and even if it is following this timeline and strategy equates to hundreds of thousands of deaths and the inevitable collapse of the NHS leading to panic, chaos and severe disruption.


Firstly, it safe to say almost certainly that this virus is contained within bodily fluids i.e. Blood and saliva. As it is difficult to come into contact with another person’s blood it becomes clear that saliva is the driving force of this pandemic and the good news is it is easily killed when outside the human body.

Coughing or sneezing can express droplets of contaminated saliva at rapid speed to a great distance across a room and the advice to cough and sneeze into a tissue and to discard the tissue is of course apt but wholly insufficient and impractical.

Subconsciously we bring our fingers to our mouth’s multiple times a day therefore those carrying the virus will contaminate their fingers and hands and the advice to wash hands is of course apt but also wholly insufficient and impractical.

Consider such real-life examples

Person A has the virus and coughs into a tissue as advised and discards it as advised, his hands are still contaminated and everything he touches  potentially becomes contaminated but if he follows advice and suspects he has the virus then he will self isolate for 14days and prevent spreading to other people. Unfortunately, in a democratic society you can only offer advice whereas a non-democratic society can issue instructions and enforce them which to be effective must be done. The 25yr old man who knows he has the virus and lives alone will he self-isolate when his cupboards are bare? I have studied extensively human nature and behavioural habits and it becomes a huge problem that only a percentage of people are responsible, and it is such examples that will fuel this pandemic in democratic societies. Everything he touches on the way to the shops becomes potentially contanimated for the next 72 hours when you begin to understand this you begin to realise the truth that the above number pattern is conservative, in a built up area person A could cross infect multiple people just with his one trip, what if he goes out again? And again? What if he totally ignores advice and carries on as normal?

Person B has the virus but does not know it, he follows advice and washes his hands more frequently but unless he washes his hands every time directly after touching his lips, everything he touches also becomes potentially contaminated. Because he is oblivious of carrying the virus, for days he will continually contaminate many many contact points that others who are free of the virus will themselves touch.

When you begin to understand how the virus is transmitting ‘Social Distancing’ as an effective measure becomes merely a myth. Keeping distance only prevents a person from contamination should another person sneeze or cough. Social distancing, especially in a democratic society can lead to a false sense of security, it will produce the false conclusion that you are limiting cross infection, but this only is true when all contact points are disinfected. Closing bars and restaurants will reduce the chance of infection but not by enough to make a significant impact as millions of people still need to eat and there are too many to deliver to and the conclusion is they will at some stage go to the grocery store and without disinfecting contact points the infection rate will continue to soar until we reach a point of ‘herd’ immunity when hopefully the ‘curve’ will begin to flatten and new infections will begin to dip and then drop dramatically.

As options begin to get more and more limited and the situation in London worsens it is predictable more and more restrictions on personal movement will be imposed and then enforced. However, because of the vastness with regards to the population in London and other major towns and cities it is not realistically possible to deliver groceries to everybody and people still need to eat, therefore without disinfecting contact points or ensuring those that venture out use some type of protection the infection rate will continue to soar.

When we understand that the virus is contained within the saliva of a carrier it becomes clear that of the human body it is the very tips of your fingers that pose the greatest risk armed with this information you begin to arrive at conclusion that this virus is being transmitted via the many communal contact points

  • ATM keypads (high risk)
  • Chip and Pin keypads (high risk)
  • Door handles / Hand rails (especially public transport) (Very high risk)
  • Lift buttons
  • All public utensils
  • Petrol Pump Dispensers (Very high risk)
  • All keyboards
  • Shared Pens
  • Shopping trolleys / Baskets (Very high risk)
  • All products (lower risk)
  • All items of mail / parcels (lower risk)
  • Bar tops
  • Backs of chairs (especially public transport) (Very high risk)
  • Table tops
  • All hard currency banknotes especially coins (high risk)
  • Any surface touched by the public regularly (high risk)
  • All light switches

Anyone carrying the virus and touching any of these contact points invariably will leave a contaminated trace that can be transmitted to others within the next 72 hours and unless each person washes their hands directly afterwards then it is easily transmitted when putting their fingers to their lips and the chain continues.

The advice to wash hands more frequently unfortunately is insufficient as it is impractical, the majority of people are aware the threat to their personal health is tiny and understanding behaviour patterns it is difficult to expect people to seek out hand washing facilities and those that do who are carrying the virus are likely to contaminate many points on route in doing so.

Hand sanitiser gel is much more practical as it can be carried on your person and is wholly effective in killing the virus but each and every person has to practice 100% vigilance or in other words apply it directly after touching a communal contact point every single time on a large scale this is impractical to expect or hope for and such gel is now not widely available.

However if public information adverts were mass broadcast with such specific instruction and such gel was made available for free, then yes this would stem the increase of contagion.

There is I believe an even better strategy that could prove even more effective, a strategy that could stem or even halt the spread, a strategy that needs no verification or in other words by applying it could not possibly do any harm if not effective, a strategy that could offer hope, galvanise the public and if successful light a beacon for the world to follow and enshrine the leader of this country as the greatest peacetime world leader, the one that halted a pandemic and saved millions of lives.

  • Supplying en masse to the public state funded gloves, gel, anti bacterial wipes
  • Anit Bacterial wipes are of significant benefit
  • When out of the house keep two fresh moist wipes in pockets
  • Walk with hands in pockets and periodically ‘wipe’ fingers
  • On reaching a communal contact point bring hand and wipe together as a barrier
  • Doing this and using the wipe a barrier of course protects the hand from possible contamination but crucially partially disinfects that particular point
  • Never to touch any communal contact point with bare hands and to practice 100% vigilance
  • Supermarkets pose a high risk venue, staff must periodically disinfect shopping trolley handles including baskets, ATM keypads, Chip and Pin keypads
  • Signs must be erected warning the public not to touch any of these points with bare hands without disinfecting first
  • Petrol Forecourts present another high risk point, petrol pump dispensers particularly and should never be used with bare hands without disinfecting first signs need to be erected at all forecourts informing and instructing customers to this effect
  • Though now all restaurants and bars are closed it would have been necessary to wipe all bar tops after each customer touches it, the backs of chairs and table tops
  • Public transport is of course high risk, signs need to be erected, to use wipes as a barrier before touching and door, rail also the backs of chairs, again doing so is using a barrier but also partially disinfecting the spot thus protecting those who follow not adhering to the advice, thus interrupting the pattern and slowing the spread.
  • All other shops must disinfect chip and pin device after every use with no exception and erect signs instructing customers
  • Contactless card payments should be encouraged
  • If anti bac wipes are not available any disposable wipe will do, spray with bleach or disinfectant until moist
  • If no wipes available, a cloth or flannel would suffice, soak in soapy water, one part disinfectant or bleach, to ten parts water and squeeze until only moist
  • Replace wipes when become dry
  • If wearing disposable gloves, they must be taken off from the wrist until inside out and disposed of, or the second glove be removed using a barrier
  • If the gloves are not disposable, take the second one off using the first as a barrier and spray with disinfectant/bleach and leave

People are waiting for instruction, they need instruction and many rely upon it, tell  them to wear masks and supply them and overnight the majority will wear them especially when they see others doing so but masks are largely ineffective en masse as they only prevent a person from sneezing openly and discourages one from touching their lips with their fingers and this is only effective if they wash their hands directly after removing.

Supply them with wipes and gel and tell them how to use it and where to use it and the people will follow this advice wholeheartedly but it must be done right now.

I have given this advice to my own children and grandchildren and so far no infection. Anti bac wipes are now not freely available but any disposable wipe will do once sprayed with bleach to moisten, failing that any flannel or cloth moist with soap and disinfectant will suffice, it protects the hands from coming into contact with a contaminated area but so crucially when you instruct millions of people you basically overnight disinfect all contact points and keep doing so.

People 100% will fight this with instruction, and you will begin to see teams of volunteer’s spring up systematically cleaning these areas overnight all over the country

Isolating the people is not sufficient unless it is done China style or using draconian measures without following this advice because you have to let people out at some stage, even if just to purchase groceries.

Watching a news report as I write, I see Italy where this virus is raging, everyone is isolated but being let out for funerals and I watch the families opening the gates with bare hands and I feel so dismayed and frustrated. Nothing in this report is really scientific, mainly it is common sense and practical advice but common sense does not always arrive when needed so we really need the governments to instruct the people and we need it now



I would think there cannot be a single advisor who would argue to the logic of this strategy and the results could prove amazing, society could be preserved at the status quo and indeed return to some normality, let alone the many lives it could save and suffering it could prevent.

If successful, the world would follow and the UK will be the country forever known once more as the nation that ‘fought back’ . The Prime Minister will be forever remembered as the greatest peacetime leader ever, the man who saved millions with direct and compelling action

Just undertaking such a strategy would prove a massive boost to public morale in such a difficult time for them to know they are helping, for them to know they are fighting back against a ‘bully’ that preys on the sick, the weak and the old.

Even if this strategy was not wholly successful again there cannot be a single advisor or expert who can argue that of course it will slow the spread if applied


Undoubtedly applying such a strategy will slow the spread if even by a little but there can be no way to know by how much if the infection rate continues to climb

The cost of the wipes/gel and distribution of

The reality is there are no other foreseeable cons, it has to be worth doing but time is of the essence

“One person alone cannot lift the weight of a mountain, we each need to pick up a stone”

Winston Churchill is a particular hero of mine one of the greatest leaders there ever was and many do not realise how instrumental he was in securing freedom for this world, and never since those dark days have people needed to come together than now and this indeed could be our newest ‘finest hour’


Paul Hinds

Former Virologist


24th March 2020 UPDATE

The UK by order of the government move into partial lockdown, this will not halt the spread of the virus but may slow it a little

As detailed the most likely area of personal contamination is by way of communal contact points and it is important to remember that each person only needs to touch just one point once to bring contamination to their hands and on bringing their hands to their mouth increase the spread.

When bars and restaurants closed this merely narrowed the field

Non essential shops are now closed, unfortunately these were not high risk areas except door handles, coat hangers and chip and pin devices. Therefore the field has again been narrowed but only slightly.

The thinking behind this and the aim is to keep people at home or in other words ‘isolate’ them, this can only work as previously detailed if enforcing with very strict measures, the type not seen or practiced in a democratic society.

As the virus continues to spread which it will, further and harsher lockdowns will be imposed, this will not halt the spread, just slow it a little until the public are warned against touching potential contaminated points.

It must be noted, it is quite possible that the uk are on an ‘accelerated curve’ and any tempering of the infection rate may not be felt or even noticed which is why I believe the correct strategy must be to attack the spread, to halt the spread.

The problem is there are some 60 million residents and they need to eat and it is logistically impossible to deliver to all. There are tens of millions of households and periodically at least one from every household must venture out for groceries.

When a full lockdown is imposed then the field has been narrowed to its most acute but unless the public are adequately warned and instructed and unless the route to and within the supermarket is free of contamination then the virus will continue to spread as we have seen in Italy. If an individual is not warned of the risk which has now been narrowed to any remaining public transport, atm keypads, chip and pin devices and especially shopping baskets, trolleys and petrol pump dispensers then the virus infection rate will continue to rise as an individual venturing out unprotected risks bringing it back to their own household and unfortunately within our own households practically zero vigilance is used as it becomes more impractical and deemed unwarranted.

When attacking an enemy with intent to defeat, we analyse his strengths and his weaknesses and to be effective we attack him at his weakest spot. Until it enters the body Covid-19 is very weak, it can be destroyed with just soap and water or disinfectant. It is the old adage ‘many hands make light work’. If your aim was ultimate victory why ‘arm’ a few thousand when there are millions at your disposal?

The ‘gun’ is actually an anti bacterial wipe and if the decision is that the government wish not for the public to help fight this war through noble intention then it is that same noble intention that should inspire them to place ‘a gun’ in the hands of every citizen and instruct them how to use it for their own protection.


26th March 2020

I have reverted back to my former role as a courier just to help out and the roads are much much quieter as more and more businesses close, none knowing when again they will reopen. In the UK it is now all about ‘Social Distancing’ and the many stores allowed to open are following this rule and the public begin to adopt in the false sense of security believing the authorities know what they are talking about, though the reality is keeping your distance may only protect you should they very maliciously decide to sneeze in your face. The rule is to keep two metres apart whereas the truth is a sneeze can spread particles many metres at rapid speed.

The news reel shows Italy entering a harsher lockdown and for the first time I see the police at checkpoints and crucially they are wearing protection to their hands and I am continually frustrated that this very clear and straightforward level of effective protection is not being advised to everyone. Why just protect the police? This makes no sense.

The news in the UK revealing criticism and calls for more testing “We need more tests” The reality is more tests can actually be more damaging. A news reel from New York with hundreds of people waiting hours upon hours to get a test, without vigilant protection this queue becomes such a very high risk point. In this queue a percentage will be infected whilst most will not and those that do not may actually become infected if not protecting themselves adequately whilst in the queue, on the way to the queue or whilst during the testing procedure, of these unlucky people the real alarming thing is they will leave with a negative result but are in fact now carriers confident that they are not and will then become ‘spreaders’. 

No response to any email that I have sent and maybe they have not even been opened but I will persist though I am still a ‘whisper in a crowded room’. Tonight I reach out to someone with a much bigger voice than I. Mr RB I hope you are listening..

28th March 2020

It is not in my character to ever run and hide from anything and I am indebted to my friend who owns a small same day courier company and by helping him it gives me a legitimate reason for being out of the house and any delivery driver will tell you that the way the world is is terrible but it is the perfect time to drive as the roads are free of traffic.

There are two jobs today and both are NHS  related and involves over 700 miles of driving. The first a food parcel for a doctor from London to Northampton but the second is much more important, medical supplies from the north of England to the south destined for the new makeshift Nightingale hospital soon opening to specifically take Coronavirus patients.

I drive at high speed throughout the night, the van is not new and only just makes it to my final destination at 2.30am. I enjoy a long drive it gives good thinking time and my thoughts drift to the medical staff in the front line who everyday put their own health at risk to care and save others, it is people like this who are the true ‘Magic of Humanity’. There are so many mega rich people in this world who have never studied and in every country in the world there is a percentage who study for years and years, not fro personal gain but because they have a ‘calling’ and that calling is to help others. These are ‘unsung heroes’ and deserve more recognition and more esteem than they currently receive. 

It is during my drive that I think about the health workers and doctors that have died and this has puzzled me from the very first reports and news reels from China when I see them wearing full protective, in fact over the top protective gear, and then it dawned on me. Of course any health worker will practice 100% vigilance whilst in the proximity of an infected patient but what about during their ‘downtime’?

Any hospital will prove to be a high risk zone but this does not just mean in a patients quarters, a health worker is more likely to contract the virus when less vigilant during a break, just by using a vending machine or in the canteen and I believe they are not alive to this risk.


30th March 2020

No, I am not scared of this virus but I definitely do not want to catch it, so I practice 100% vigilance 100% of the time, I buy a sandwich at the filling station, I know the shop staff probably wear gloves when stacking the shelves but probably is not good enough for me so I wipe the packet first before opening. Coronavirus? Hell no, I do not want it thank you very much. 

Today is another important job, eight huge pallets of medicine going to Wembley in London, I didn’t discover what kind of medicine but I know it is of very high value and importance and a second job in the south of London going to Tring.

Driving through London, the worrying thing? Traffic is of course less but if I did not know there was a lockdown I would never have guessed, the streets are busy but I am observant, I am watching the people on the streets.

I view a few thousand driving north to south and back again and the alarming thing? I would estimate less than one in twenty are wearing either a mask or gloves and less than ten in total are wearing both. It is only those wearing both that are 100% vigilant and only if they remove their gloves correctly by turning inside out or disinfecting them. No matter how bad things get I will never wear a mask because they are ineffective and I do not want to look a dick. 100% they will discourage someone from putting their fingers to their mouths and this is crucial but what is much more crucial is what they do when they take them off on returning home.

If someone wears a mask but not gloves then their hands may be contaminated, therefore it is crucial that directly after removing their mask they then need to wash their hands before touching anything. 

This though is still not good enough, why? It is a person’s hands not their face that pose the greatest risk, if your hands are contaminated, even on entering your home you will contaminate your gate, your front door, your keys, what if you live in an apartment block? Everything you touch becomes contaminated. Until people are warned of this danger this virus will continue to spread.

1st April 2020

A drive towards Wales today and the difference is astounding, it reminds me of the film 28 Days Later, the roads and streets are near deserted so I guess people living here are that much more obedient or maybe just scared as the percentage of people wearing protective gear is much higher also. 

No matter how bad things get though, always there is hope and as I sit and write I see the Tesco advert telling about social distancing which is over the top nonsense but crucially they are now wiping shopping trolleys and baskets and this makes a big difference because the supermarket is one of the only outlets still open and eliminating the risk of cross infection here is striking back at the virus. It does amaze me that it has taken the stores to figure this out for themselves and not under instruction from the government but then it is not just this government but those around the world also. Maybe my letter to politicians attracted some attention but I believe someone somewhere within the supermarket hierarchy has employed some common sense that I personally hope other supermarkets will copy.

Me personally, I hate queuing in normal times but now the queues are evil, they make you queue up two metres apart outside the store! I tell my friend they could be giving away free money you would never see me in that queue and I am not joking, I really hate queues. Another positive step is stores are encouraging card only payments, recognising that hard currency carries risks especially now banknotes are generally made from plastic now and not paper. The chip and pin keypads still hold risk but crucially if the trolley handles are disinfected when holding them this alone could neutralise any lingering bacteria on the fingertips, so yes I am hopeful, these are definitely big positive steps forward. Having said that it is still so difficult to understand why the authorities are so slow to catch on, the move must be to regularly disinfect all points not just some but a step forward is a step in the right direction I guess.

6th April 2020

The latest news is not good, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been admitted into intensive care as his Coronavirus symptoms worsen and there feels as though there is now real danger to his health and to his life itself. I do not know of a Prime Minister having lost his life whilst in power, if this was to happen it would be both totally unprecedented and tragic, especially as Mr Johnson is due to be a father.

Boris Johnson recently elected with an overwhelming majority due mainly to his Brexit mandate, which now seems a long time ago. I of course do not know him personally but he seems a good guy, an ok politician and an ok leader, I say this because for a leader to have real authority and power it is necessary to also have vision, a clear mandate for positive change and a positive future. Throughout this pandemic, having studied and listened to his public addresses it is quite apparent that Boris is merely reiterating dialogue and advice given to him by his numerous advisers. 

My opinion on his advisers? Well, if you have studied my own findings you will understand why my description would be disastrously inept. The governments own scientific advisers all agree this virus can be transmitted through contamination on the hands yet as I watch the BBC news live outside 10 Downing Street, many people I view entering the residence of the Prime Minister without any protection on their hands. Quite simply anyone carrying the virus is contaminating firstly the front door handle and most likely many many points within the residence. This is grossly negligent and crassly stupid and without doubt many of the Ministers and advisers to no.10 are or will very soon become infected with Covid-19.

‘Another news report shows HM the Queen’s public address and the shot shows all the off duty NHS staff watching the screen all together, all on a deserved break from duty. All seemingly ignorant to the fact that the room they stand in is a high risk room. All doctors and health workers practice extreme and probably excessive vigilance whilst in close proximity to infected patients but innocently lower their guard whilst off duty. This is when they are most susceptible to contracting infection and no one yet seems to have worked this out and my message fails to get through. It is especially tragic when a health worker loses their life while trying to save others and around the world this has happens many times.

21st April 2020

One month into lockdown and the death rate from the virus has dipped, hopefully the trend will continue downwards and restrictions may be soon revised. Though the reality is I am still concerned because due to the lockdown and the timeline the truth is in all probability the majority of the population have yet to become infected and a position of ‘herd immunity’ is a long way off. 

There still is no instruction from the government for citizens to wear any protective gear whenever venturing outside and working as a courier I study the many people still on the streets and only a very small percentage choose themselves to wear any.

Without instruction or guidance some are figuring it out for themselves, many supermarkets are now disinfecting trolleys and baskets though have yet to realise that card keypads and self serve touchscreens carry a far greater risk. You see, especially when numbers are restricted a basket or a trolley may only be used several times in one day whereas a touch screen or keypad will be used multiple times. I also now notice attendants disinfecting petrol pump dispensers, great news, another step in the right direction but it is such slow progress.

Maybe soon someone in authority will figure out if we disinfect all these points and others continually the virus will have nowhere to go, I have waited and waited. I have almost given up trying to get the attention of politicians and now my plan is to make a video in the hope it goes viral. The bottom line is, the more people who effectively protect themselves the quicker this pandemic will come to an end and if everybody ‘cleaned as they go’ together we could bring it to an end instead of just waiting for it to pass.

17th September 2020

It has been five months and only now can I finally be bothered to update this post. I guess just for posterity, no one is actually reading it lol.

Covid 19 is still with us and we are bracing ourselves for the impending ‘second wave’ with this Coronavirus outbreak. The government still have no clue what to do and in their panic have more or less killed the economy with their lockdowns and social distancing and as yet there is no Coronavirus cure on the horizon.

I firmly believe practically all my predictions have come true and many institutions have taken on sanitising contact points but still no direct directive from the authorities that could effectively prevent any Coronavirus second wave.

I marched on Downing Street, emailed and messaged politicians, made multiple posts. I even made at my own expense a video which I will upload here. Almost 100,000 views but less than 200 likes and only 50 shares so I began to think, “what really is the point in trying?”

The point was that even if only one person saw it and changed their habits that prevented them from infection then it could potentially save their life or that of others then it must be worth it but my pockets are not bottomless so I may as well ride this Coronavirus outbreak out like everyone else. Still not wearing a mask though, online shopping for me.



As predicted America has been hit hard and this Coronavirus outbreak shows no sign of slowing with no Coronavirus vaccine in sight.

After all this time I have realised the most effective personal protection is not a mask or gloves, it is simply hand sanitiser which I carry at all times and use directly after touching anything.

I don’t wear a mask in shops but I do not, or try not to face anyone in close proximity. I have been out practically everyday during lockdown and as yet still no infection.

Not sure which way to turn or who to believe? My advice is to use your common sense, get some hand gel and use it frequently, don’t kiss any random people and you should be fine. Good luck


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