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I wrote this poem during the initial lockdown when the sudden change, loss of routine, and social interactions left me struggling for motivation. I was under a lot of pressure to use the extra time I had gained from having nowhere to go and I beat myself up before bed every night because I wasn’t productive enough (in my eyes) that day. I think the concept of “productivity” can easily become quite toxic and affect your sanity. Hence, it’s important to remember that all of the little things we do every day, like taking care of ourselves, putting out the trash cans, etc., are worth a pat on the back as we progress with every little step do. So, if you ever have a “day off” and resent that you haven’t done enough, I hope you can remember this poem and use it to change the way you view your day , and consequently being kinder to yourself. You are doing a lot better than you think.

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I’m Emma and I’m in the third year of a chemistry degree. After struggling with poor mental health during my college years from putting too much pressure on myself to do well academically, I hope to provide some advice to those facing similar issues.

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