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Our Guest on Episode 6 of Business Breakfast TV is Digital Transformation Expert and Founder of the beep: Katz Kiely.

Katz Kiely

Katz Kiely is an operational systems designer, an architect of culture, and a serial entrepreneur. She has helped some of the world’s biggest companies use digital to survive and thrive.

She designed the first open innovation platform for HP, rearchitected the way a UN agency does business and designed a city scale behaviour change platform with Intel.

She now heads up beep: a platform that enables transformation by enabling people-powered continuous improvement.

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In this week’s show, Katz will explain why more and more leaders are adopting her tried-and-tested CREATE Framework in the post COVID world of work.

Based on behavioural science and 20 years of experience she will explain the why, what and hows of Imaginal Leadership.

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