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Hopefully a nurse’s diary will give us good answers.

And we know that God works together for the good of those who love him and who are called according to his purpose.

A nurse's diary

Day 1: Jane and I went shopping, had a nice dinner and had a nice evening with the kids who jumped alternately on each of our laps.

Day 2: Last night, Jane turned and turned a lot. She seems a little excited today. I’m on my way to work, a little worried, but nothing special. Bring kids to school. Call Jane at noon to see how she’s doing. It sounds incoherent and confused. Talk to my boss and ask if I can go as a woman without feeling well again. Come home, Jane paces up and down, hasn’t even had breakfast yet. I put her in bed. She found that she had forgotten to take her medication. Give her the daily dose. Spend time reading and praying the Bible.

Day 3: Jane seems a little better. Give her the medication. Call mom and ask if she can drop in during the day and watch Jane while I go to work and take the kids to school.

Day 7 Jane says she wants to go to the zoo. It’s midnight. She is tearful and makes a scene. We have to go to the doctor first thing tomorrow.

Day 10: Jane has now been hospitalized for two days. She is sedated. Children miss their mother.

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Day 17: Jane is home now. The dosage was increased. The side effects make her so sleepy and stupid. The children only want to play with their mother. Jane is too tired and not very playful. I burn the children’s dinner and they cry. I am exhausted. The working pressure also increases. When does this nightmare end? “

Caring for people with mental illness can be very stressful and daunting. However, we must remember that Jesus is the ultimate caregiver. He cares for all 7 billion people in the world … so much. He never gets tired and doesn’t complain. And for his children he says we are the apple of his eye and take care of ourselves, there for us through thick and thin.

When you are at the end of your leash, remember that the Holy Spirit is there to be your helper, comforter, encourager, stronger, and anything else you want from him. Get to know this Holy Spirit. Buy books about him and develop a close relationship with him. He’s the one you can call at midnight when Jane wants to go to the zoo. He is the one you can win to strengthen you if the boss has given you an unrealistic deadline, if the boss knows only too well that you have home challenges, including burning child food!

Meditations for the day

2 Peter 1: 2-4

Grace and peace are multiplied in the knowledge of God and Jesus, our Lord, because His divine power has given us all things that concern life and godliness through the knowledge of those who have called us by glory and virtue We have been given extraordinarily great and precious promises that through these partners you can be of divine nature by escaping the corruption that is through pleasure in the world.

Selected from “Despite Mental Illness – A 31 Day Devotion”

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