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C.REATIVITY IS A NECESSITY. If you are trying to manage your mood or anxiety with worn out and tired techniques, you have reached your recovery limit. Spill what doesn’t work. Step up your game. Let’s talk about connecting the dots …

Our friend looks frustrated. In my opinion, he knows that there are more creative ways to deal with his persistent depressive and generalized anxiety disorders, but he is drawing loopholes. He may be interested in techniques like connecting the dots.

What you’re about to read comes from my almost ready-to-use eBook, 27 Rays of Hope: From 50 Years of Living with Depression and Anxiety.

Connect the dots

I’ve always liked using the term “connecting the dots” when it comes to insight and recovery from mood and anxiety disorders. It may sound too simple; However, don’t let this fool you – it’s powerful.

The cool thing about connecting the dots is that life events are used in an evolving course. It brings us back to point A we choose and guides us through B, C, D, etc. – to where we want to stop.

It’s sensible, realistic, creative, and easy to use.

But there is more. Approaching a problem using a connection model for points provides rewards along the way. Each connection with their insights reveals part of the big and necessary picture. That is gratifying and encouraging. And best of all, even though the data subject may be led by a moderator, they make the connection and draw the conclusions. Your life, your image.

I’m sure you worked on connecting the point drawings together. It’s always fun to see how the picture is created, isn’t it? When it’s done there is a real sense of achievement. It’s like, “Hey look, I did that.”

And what is really important is the simplicity of connecting the dots that can lead to how you look at life, looking at its various merits and accidents. It can be a wonderful model of perception and solution.

So if you ask me, keeping your beliefs connected can make a huge positive difference in your life.

Connect the dots in action

How do you treat anxiety?

“Connect the dots: It’s creative – fresh. I could use some new techniques.”

Here is an example of connecting the dots in action …

A few years ago a customer and I had just started chatting on the phone. I could tell she was in need so I asked her what was going on. She said she felt “weird, kind of wired up”. It seemed like she was more concerned about what was driving the sensation than the feeling itself. So I had to help her connect the dots.

To get them working, I suggested we go back twenty-four hours and review their activities in chronological order. Maybe we’d run into something that would ring a few bells. Well, it wasn’t long before we heard the sound of a lovely chime. It turned out that earlier in the day she had a loud and exciting exchange with her partner.

And how did we know that we had reached the right neck of the forest? As soon as she started discussing the encounter, she got excited. Now we had something to do. She had connected the dots and was well on her way to connect even more.

By now you might be thinking that having to really work on realizing someone’s plight is pretty lame. However, when you find yourself in the midst of an acute emotional, mental, and / or physical alarm, you know that an overcrowded mind makes thinking difficult.

Even so, we had now linked most of the dots together. And we could start by completing the picture with additional explorations – even more point connections.

After connecting the dots personally and clinically many times, I can tell you that it is a great technique to rely on when our insight and recovery need a boost.

The fact is, if my client had linked the worldview of the dots, she probably wouldn’t have called me.

Take life point by point

When faced with the puzzles and crises of your mood or fear, slow down a little and work on connecting the dots together. You will be amazed at what you can come up with. Again, it’s sensible, realistic, creative, and easy to use.

And it is you.

Doesn’t it make sense that trying to cope with your manifold misery with worn and tired techniques is a loss? Do some dandruff and step up your game.

Try to connect the dots together.

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