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For many people, holidays are about spending time with loved ones. But for those who have recently suffered a loss, the holidays can be painful and isolating.

Here are some ways you can deal with the vacation after a loss:

Realize that you are not alone

It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one in a lot of pain during the holiday season. Everywhere you turn, people seem happy to put up decorations, buy gifts, and make vacation plans. It is important to see the truth now, and it means that you are not alone. There are people all over the world who have suffered losses, some perhaps only recently.

Honor your pain

Nobody expects you to feel happy and in the holiday mood right now. So you shouldn’t pretend to be someone else. It is very important that you respect any emotions you may experience, be it sadness, anger, regret, or a combination.

take your time

The holidays are usually a busy time for people. There is a lot to do and many events to host and / or attend. You don’t have to stick to your normal schedule this year. You just won’t have the mental or emotional stamina for it. So take the time you need. If you don’t want to attend many (or any other) events this year, that’s fine. People will understand.

Help Othin danger

One of the worst things about losing a loved one is feeling like we are no longer in control of our lives. Loss makes us feel helpless. One way to combat this feeling is to help others who are in need. As a bonus, connecting with others who are hurt can often also be beneficial to our hearts.

When do these guidelines not apply?

If you have children it is important to understand that they are looking to you now to know what life will be like from now on. For a child, the loss of a parent or sibling can terrify them. While you may not feel like celebrating the holidays at all, it helps your child know that life goes on and that there is room in your life to experience joy and sadness.

If you have experienced a loss and would like to investigate the bereavement counseling please contact us. You don’t have to suffer alone.

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