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There is a decision point that past relationships that have no part in the future remain in the past. It is about pressing the delete key and emptying the trash. Inconsiderate, yes, but sensible. Clean up the trash.

Memories often have the power to hold you in the past. We need to clear the trash of some memories so that we can better focus on the present and the future. Someone once said that regrets about the past and fear of the future are enemies of today’s progress.

You cannot drive safely if you keep looking in the rearview mirror. When a relationship is over, there is no place for it to carry pleasant memories. If you want to allow God to bring something new into your life, clear the trash. Forget it and move on.

Put the past on the altar. It could be what is holding you back. As Abram commanded to keep his family (including Lot) and everything in the dark, forsake the past, however dear, where your blessings lie.

New beginnings often require protection from distractions, especially emotional ones. We need a basis for change. Change needs strong foundations to effectively create better conditions.

We build good habits through disciplined focus. We need to replace those habits that distract us from our goal. Any habit that doesn’t get us where we need to be isn’t necessary.

Every activity we undertake comes at the expense of another possible activity. Getting to a position where expectations of the future rather than memories of the past is to be welcomed.

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