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We all want a business where we don’t have to move a leaf to earn hundreds of dollars in a day. We are all lazy people who have worked hard to be where we are at life and want to have a business where our effort is minimal but our returns are maximum. CB Passive Income might just be the answer to your prayers. It is curated by Patric Chan who claims to teach you how to earn the maximum amount of revenue from your affiliate marketing business by doing absolutely nothing. It is basically an internet marketing software that does the work of digital marketing for you by sending fully automated emails containing messages, newsletters and other details about any videos you might have. Each time someone who opens up the message, clicks or purchases through your affiliate link, you get the profit, thanks to the CB passive income.

Benefits and features of the CB Passive Income

  • Cloning Patric Chan’s Business Funnel

In this program offered by Patric Chan, he provides you with a link to clone and create the exact replica of his own business. Since he has been in this field for so long, he knows how it is done right. Cloning a successfully running business model is beneficial especially for newbies who don’t want to take risks by investing their money in the wrong affiliate marketing business. With this feature, you can literally track and update the sales funnel according to a viable business model already being run by Patric Chan. You can either opt-in for a funnel to make your subscribers understand the value of leads provided, create a replica funnel for an e-book or to showcase a webinar session done by Patric Chan himself, to enhance and increase your own leads.
  • Monthly Live Training

One of the biggest benefits of the CB passive income is the live training given monthly by Patric Chan which ensures that you get the updated tricks and training on how to boost your business and learn from the best.
  • Digital marketing techniques to drive traffic

Once you sign up, you can get access to course modules and personal training by him to help you start rolling on getting that traffic for your business. This includes organic traffic through social media pages and groups, as well as paid ads and other methods of digital marketing.
  • Researched affiliate programs

One thing that differentiates this program from any other training program is that it researches the most lucrative and high money-making affiliate programs for you, so you don’t have to. Imagine the hustle and continuous mental agony that you have to go through, to find that perfect niche for your business. You don’t have to put pressure on your brain anymore because CB passive income does it all for you. Since your account is handled by experts and viewed by Patric Chan personally, you won’t have to face any problems. You know what they say, ‘Let the experts handle it’ and CB passive income does exactly that. If you are a newbie, this is the safest option for you. Patric Chan not only supervises but also makes sure to allot all the hot niches to his students as soon as he sees them earn the maximum profit for his students.
  • No domain name or hosting

Since everything is done through Patric Chan’s CB Passive Income program, you don’t have to figure out a domain name or even a hosting for your affiliate marketing business. Everything is done for you. You can just sit back, relax and let your affiliate marketing code or link get the clicks it deserves.
  • Pre-written emails

CB passive income has a set of pre-written emails to send out to clients. These are written by experts in their fields who know how to use the magic of words to encourage people to purchase from your link. You can be spared from the efforts of composing a perfectly written email and leave it to the professionals.
  • Automatic bribe for the leads

After the customers register from your link, a gift such as an e-book or any other gift offered would be sent automatically to make the leads convert into sales.

CB Passive Income: Pros

  • It is extremely easy to use program even for beginners who are just getting into affiliate marketing and don’t want to lose any bucks
  • It provides information and tips and tricks to create an exact replica of Patric’s business
  • It provides 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Best for people who want to start a business as a side-hustle

CB Passive Income: Cons

You are not the direct in-charge and handler of your own affiliate marketing business, though you do get all the profits from the sales directly.


I believe this is an extremely beneficial program for newbies or busy people or even just lazy people like me. The program creates passive income through the emails that always contain your affiliate link to help you get money on each click or sale, without doing anything. Button

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