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How To Relax Your Mind After a Ridiculously Hard Day at Work (2019)

How To Relax Your Mind After a Ridiculously Hard Day at Work

Learning how to relax your mind is something that anyone and everyone can benefit from. It helps to clear your head and purge out the thoughts that you don’t need polluting your mindset. Had a ridiculously hard day at work? Check out this guide for some simple ways to relax your mind after a crazy,…

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120 New Beginnings Quotes (+ My 5 Favorite Steps for a Fresh Start)

61 New Beginnings Quotes to Help You Get a Fresh Start

Today I’d like to share a collection of quotes about new beginnings. This one’s for you that wants to make a change in your life. Get a fresh start. Let go of something and move on to something better and more fulfilling. No matter if that’s at work, in your business, in a relationship or…

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After 15 Years, Brain Pickings Reborn – The Marginalian

After 15 Years, Brain Pickings Reborn – The Marginalian

We are born without choosing to, to parents we haven’t chosen, into bodies and borders we haven’t chosen, to exist in a region of spacetime we haven’t chosen for a duration we don’t choose. As physicists know, we don’t choose the particular atoms that constellate our particular selves or the neural configurations that fire our…

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90+ Comic Book Trivia Questions For Superfans

Spider-Man leaning on concrete brick while reading book

Comic books are exciting portals to another universe. They give you the chance to escape from the real world and live out your dreams. Whether you relate to superheroes or supervillains, you know that these books and movies are important pieces of history. Here is a comic book quiz filled with comic book trivia questions…

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How To Short A Stock On Webull? • Find Detailed Answer • Updated 2021

 How To Short A Stock On Webull? Find Detailed Answer [Updated 2021]!

Unlike regular stock trading where you buy stocks at a lower price and sell at a higher price (strike prices); short selling/short sale, means opening a position using borrowed stocks then selling them to another investor, and then buying them back at a lower price.

Shorting selling isn’t just a bearish stock position, it’s also a very risky trading strategy. So, would you give it a chance or prefer investing in any other asset?

how to short a stock on webullImage from

Although, with the right market conditions, the profit to be earned through short selling trade options can be potentially unlimited. It would be best used when the stock price is expected to drop.

So, can you sell stocks/short stocks on Webull?

Unlike Robinhood, you can short a stock on Webull.

Webull short selling gives traders the ability to sell short and engage in margin trading, however short selling on Webull has restrictions.

There are certain requirements traders must adhere to before shorting a stock. Primarily, those who want to short sell on Webull must:

1) Have a margin account with Webull to allow them to borrow Capital.

2) Maintain a net account value of $2,000 or greater as a safety measure.

How To Short A Stock On Webull App?

So, now that we’ve covered some of the short selling basics and requirements, how does one go about short selling on Webull app?

Webull Short Selling

how to short a stock on webull

Simple, just follow these instructions:

  1. Start by going on your Webull app main screen
  2. Once there, click on “Watchlist”.
  3. Alternatively, you can search on Webull’s “easy to borrow” list for short sales.
  4. Check for a little blue downward arrow icon near the upper right corner of the stock page.
  5. If you see the blue downward arrow icon, click on it.
  6. You have now successfully short a stock.
  7. The short selling position will be displayed under the “My Positions” section as a negative quantity. 

What is the Margin Rate on Webull short selling?

For the first $25,000 the margin rate is currently 6.99%, although for margin loans of more than $3,000,000 it can go down to as low as 3.99%. If you short 1,000 stocks worth $25,000 on Webull ($25 each), you pay interest of $4.85 interest per day ($25,000*6.99%/360=$4.85). In addition to the loan, you have to pay an extra fee for hard-to-borrow shares. The Hard-to-borrow-rate is currently 6%.

how to short a stock on webull

The hardest part about shorting stocks isn’t the actual process though. It’s finding the stocks which will drop to a lower price. There are many stocks on Webull short selling platform that you can choose from, but it wouldn’t be smart to short sell just any stock; rather it would be more profitable to short stocks that you expect will go down in value.

For this purpose, it is best to refer to sites dedicated to the stock market which can help you find the ones that are better than Webull short selling.

These include sites like Trade Ideas, Benzinga, Motley Fool, Cobra Trading, etc. These can help you track daily market value and find stocks whose value is expected to go from the current price to a lower price more easily. Information from these sites allows you to choose more wisely.

Trade Ideas


Trade Ideas offers a feature known as a stock screener. “Screeners” can be used to filter out and show the specific stocks that the trader chooses to seek out on the open market. Stock screeners provide parameters like price per share, earnings, etc., to find specific securities. Only shares that fulfill requirements are included in the final results.

Stock screeners are powerful tools that help investors find ideas on stocks to buy that can increase or decrease in value. These are uncovered by using measurable tangible factors affecting a stock’s price. Stock screening programs can save time, remove emotional and behavioral biases, and uncover previously undiscovered investments.

Furthermore, it can manage large amounts of data which allows it to watch each trade of every stock in the market and notify you about an asset’s price so you can short sell quickly, making it a necessary tool for short sellers.




Benzinga Pro is a platform for stock trading and screening. It can help individuals become more familiar with the stock market, financial news, and options trading in general.

As a news platform, Benzinga Pro conveniently provides an accurate depiction of financial news about the important activities which have a large influence on finance and the stock exchange.

The UI can be analyzed by even beginner-level traders who are unsure of certain financial services.

Benzinga Pro has various exciting features that are used by traders such as swing traders and also day traders, making it even more valuable for short sellers. With the alerts feature in Benzinga Pro, subscribers can receive alerts through desktop, email, and sound.

With the Signals feature of Benzinga Pro, you can track all activity based on high and low stock points and block trades.

Squawk provides audio broadcasts regarding financial news. The calendar can securely cover items such as dividends, SEC filings, retail sales, etc. Watchlists allow you to monitor all of the trades that you choose to make as well as your potential trading ideas. The scanner feature allows day traders to make more informed decisions rapidly. There are also online chat rooms to interact with other traders.


Motley Fool


The Motley Fool is an investment and financial advising service that offers a variety of investing newsletters that can be used to enhance your investing services. However, The Motley Fool’s most important offering is its Stock Advisor platform. This includes stock picks, access to research reports, a community forum, and more.

Newsletters and platforms are focussing more on giving guidelines to retired individuals who’ve the potential for improvement.

Other than its free offerings, the company also has a series of investing and retirement newsletters. These provide information from stock pick to model portfolios that may help improve trading and investing. 


Cobra Trading


Cobra Trading offers elegant tools and customer support to competitive day traders. Best suited for those who want to capitalize on every opportunity by trading faster and more efficiently.

Cobra Trading supports the idea that a highly responsive customer support team can be beneficial for experienced traders who have bold strategies. Its main feature is its customer support.



It is necessary to mention the risks involved with short selling. This isn’t like regular trading where the liabilities are finite and the stock’s price can only drop to zero.

In short selling, the gains are finite and the liabilities are infinite. To prevent or reduce losses, research is necessary. For expert advice from experienced professionals, the Motley Fool is recommended.

Motley fool

In addition to the advice, it can also allow you to create hypothetical portfolios so you can make better decisions. It has a well-earned reputation as an advising service and seeing the results that its users receive, it’s easy to see why.



How risky is Shorting?

The main risk of short selling is that investors may ultimately lose more money than invested. If the stock’s price increases, you can actually lose money.

During the Gamestop short squeeze, many short sellers expected the stock price to drop but when the price of the company’s stock exploded they lost money instead.

This was caused by individual investors who decided to buy the company’s stock en masse and resulted in a loss of several million dollars from the hedge fund side.

Suppose you decided to trade 100 stocks long, the buying price is $10, so the maximum risk will be computed as $10 * 100 = $1,000. How?

Reviewing the above example again, Short selling is the complete opposite. Let’s say you short a stock for $10 per share and sell 100 stocks for $10 short. The profit potential is limited to 100*$10=$1,000 while the risk has no limit. Now let’s assume that you start short selling and have an open position of 100 shares shorted for $10 each. If the very next day the company reports a merger or acquisition, the price per share could shoot up to $50 at the open. In this case, you will lose $40 * 100 shares overnight, which means that you will have lost up to $4,000.

The Verdict

The trading stocks on the long side will be unlimited since any price above $10 is a profit. This remains the case even if the price reaches up to $1,000 per share – which means when trading long, the risk is limited, and the profit unlimited.

Should you join a hedge fund for protection?

Absolutely, Short selling stocks overnight without hedge protection is never a good idea – it is known as free stock.

It involves infinite risk, and costs additional fees to maintain such a position overnight. However, short selling stocks can also be a highly profitable strategy when day trading if solid trade management and monitoring are available.

*It’s better to learn the concept of the sell order in the stock trade.

What is the effect of the price of the stock on short selling?

The price of stock definitely affects short selling. The aim of normal trading involves buying cheap stocks and selling expensive stocks.

In short selling, you should buy expensive stocks and sell cheap ones. It is preferable to short stocks that have a high current market price but are expected to experience stock drops in the future.

The best time to take a short position is when the price of the stock is at its highest, like when the company has recently undergone a merger.

The best time to buy them back is when they are at a lower price, like during a depression.

Why is a margin account important in short selling?

Given that in the short selling concept, you practically sell shares that doesn’t belong to you, so there are rigid profit margin requirements that need to be met.

Having margin accounts is essential, as the money on the short selling is used for collateral so there will be better security that the borrowed shares, in the future, will be paid back to the lender.

Another reason is the interest paid on the borrowed stock in the trader’s margin account. 

Even in a situation where short sellers may profit from the stock drop, the total profit would still have the cost of margin interest. If the price does not fall to the expected level a margin call is sent.

The purpose of the margin call is to tell short sellers to transfer more money to their margin account. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Federal Reserve set and monitor minimum values for the amount of funding that must remain in margin accounts.

Failure to maintain balance above the limit can result in being closed out and facing penalties.

Why do you need a high net account value?

The account value is the total book value of all the possessions in the trading account; not just the securities, but the cash as well.

This figure is calculated by combining the total amount of cash in the account with the current market value of all the securities and then removing the market value of any stocks that are shorted. It’s basically the worth of all positions if they were to be liquidated at a particular point in time.

The high net account value of $2000 is important because there is a chance that short sellers may end up losing money when the share price increases.

What do you mean by stock loan fee?

In simple words, a stock loan fee is a payment ordered by a brokerage firm from a client for borrowing shares. The fee is charged as per the Securities Lending Agreement and completed prior to the stock is borrowed by a client. Without it, you cannot take a short position or short sell on Webull.

The cost attributed to a short sale on Webull is the borrowing fee paid for this company’s stock in the margin account. The borrowed stock’s daily margin interest rate shifts regularly depending on the market conditions.


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Author: J Maver

Passionate in tech, software and gadgets. I enjoy reviewing and comparing products & services, uncovering new trends and digging up little known products that deserve an audience.

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Watersports in Goa Offering Memories of a Lifetime

Watersports in Goa

Goa is among the most visited tourist destinations in India. The smallest of states in India has the widest variety of delights for tourists. Long coastlines are among the main attractions of your vacation, and so are the water activities in Goa. If you’re an adventurer, you should not leave these activities. It’s an excellent…

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The Importance of Accurate Website Translation for Global Businesses.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The idea of translating your website to serve other audiences better is transformative to growing the business globally. With that said, it’s fraught with difficulty because there’s so much room for things to get lost in translation. In this article, we cover why it’s important to be accurate with website translation and what can go wrong when you aren’t.

Open E-commerce Sales Up to the World

When using an effective website translation, a secondary version of your site is presented and accessible to other audiences. This expands the number of potential customers where your product can be sold, and either shipped to or downloaded from in the case of digital-only products.

Audiences that speak Spanish or French, for instance, add many millions of new potential customers when the website is accurately translated. With any website translation service, it must provide accurate translations that go beyond mere word-for-word conversion. For example, Brightlines Translation offers a range of website translation services to provide for business different needs. Their translation doesn’t just look at word translation but accurately conveying the original meaning in a foreign language too. This includes using appropriate words or even slang, where it’s commonly used and appropriate in particular circumstances.

Avoid Blunders in Product Naming

Product names often need to be renamed for an international audience. Also, when marketing to individual countries where the product will sit on a virtual e-commerce shelf, it will need to be appropriately named for that county. Some words and phrases are used to refer to things and others are definitely not used. This fact flies in the face of word-for-word translation that might mistakenly use a word that strikes local people as wrong or not in common use.

Going into a new market with a product name that doesn’t mean what you think it does, looks unprofessional. Potential customers will find the brand name either in poor taste or unappealing. Loss of sales and momentum is sacrificed as a result.

Be Taken Seriously from the Start

When you think about a product description on an e-commerce site, it needs to explain the product well. Otherwise, it may put off likely buyers who either dislike what was said, find it incomplete, or are non-persuasive.

A product description with a poor translation for the Spanish, French, or Italian version of a website does the site a disservice. The translation will read in a clunky way, lacking proper flow. It’s likely that poor grammar will also give away that a non-native speaker produced it.

This situation will annoy or disappoint potential buyers because it suggests to them that the company behind the website was either too uncaring or didn’t feel that their market mattered enough to the site’s owners to bother with a better translation.

Quality Won’t Sell with Poor Translation

If your products are designed to suggest high-quality or even that they’re luxurious items, the website needs to demonstrate this at every turn. This is especially true when the potential customer is visiting online and not speaking or meeting with representatives of the company in person – the website does the talking for them. Even with a beautiful website that visually wows them and represents the polished products well, it all gets let down when the language is poorly translated. The product will no longer seem high-end or as valuable. Also, the price charged may suddenly appear excessive.

Avoid Looking Amateur

Mistakes happen with most companies. However, it’s expected that when going international – even on a website – that businesses have all their ducks in a row first. Presenting a foreign language website with non-native speaker language translation suggests to people that you’ve just started in the business. Maybe your company has been trading for two decades already but hadn’t looked toward international expansion until now? Nevertheless, a few poorly chosen or misspelled words will make the site and brand look like an amateur. And that’s never a good look.

Build on an Initial Success

When going into a new international market and making a success of it, it can spur interest in expanding to other international markets. For companies that started with one foreign country, or translated their website to a second language, it can spur them on to venture into selling to a second foreign country or foreign language. Lessons learned on the initial go-around can be applied for the next time to hopefully make everything run smoother. The initial success can embolden the team responsible to maintain their professional focus and obtain a similar success in other international markets. 

Website translation can seem like such a small thing. And yet, it opens a world of new possibilities for companies that go the extra mile to do it. When taking this important step in business expansion, additional care must be taken to avoid poor translation and making bad mistakes that harm the prospects of the business. These kinds of things are thoroughly avoidable when choosing better quality translation services.

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90 Motivational Saturday Quotes for a Happy Weekend and Life

90 Motivational Saturday Quotes for a Happy Weekend and Life

You wake up without the alarm clock going off. Without hurrying through your morning routine. It’s Saturday and your weekend has just begun. To help you to make the best of this day and your weekend I want to share 90 motivational Saturday quotes that will inspire you and give you some timeless tips from…

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Poet Mark Doty on the Paradox of Desire and the Courage to Love Against the Certitude of Loss – Brain Pickings

Love, Death, and Whitman: Poet Mark Doty on the Paradox of Desire and the Courage to Love Against the Certitude of Loss

Love and death come to us on common terms — unbidden and total, impervious to protest, naked of pretension. They also come to us entwined: Every love is a franchise of grief, for to love anything is to accept its loss — by a dissipation of ardor or of atoms, the atoms constellating the beloved…

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You Have To Become Your Own Biggest Fan (Motivational Video)

your own biggest fan

You Have To Become Your Own Biggest Fan (Motivational Video) Download or Stream the speech now, on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube Music, Deezer, Amazon MusicYOUR OWN BIGGEST FAN (Motivational Speech) – Copyright: Fearless MotivationSpeakers: Corey Jones YOUR OWN BIGGEST FAN (Motivational Video) Fearless Motivation – WATCH FREE: It’s hard to keep going when no one is…

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